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I realise that my posts here are becoming a little more sparse than they used to, the simple reason being that I am more regularly blogging over our on Fiberygoodness.com website, I find it difficult to blog in two places! However apparently I have no trouble spinning on two wheels, although I havent yet figured the trick for doing that all at the same time.. yet..

Anyway I am just going to repost here the same thing as I posted last week on the Fiberygoodness blog, just because I would like everyone to share this fun yarn recipe I made up 🙂 Heres the post..!

This week we would like to share something with you! Perhaps you already know about our Fiberygoodness Yarn Recipe series (for sale in our shop), these are spin techniques largely developed by myself (Woolwench/Suzy) and Arlene (the awesome SpinArtiste). They have included quite a variety of spin recipes and one of my favourites has been Arlenes ‘Helix’ yarn, a method of integrating locks into a ply. I love including the concept and activity of weaving into everything I do 🙂 Well I carried on playing with this technique, and not too long ago was lucky enough to be up to my elbows in the most amazing Teeswater locks at the farm of Virginia Scholomiti (The Yellow Farm) USA. I was teaching, and it seemed logical to focus the weekend on… locks! And now was my chance to do some more Helix spinning, this time adding locks into an Nply weave. I used some of the colours we had been dyeing that weekend and a neutral single I had spun earlier and made this:piwakawaka varUp till now, the only people I have shared this technique with were the ones at the workshop 🙂 And I say up till now because.. today we would like to share the yarn recipe with YOU! It has morphed a little since I did that one, but mostly in the colours I have chosen, I have been busy with a lot of rainbows recently (for reasons that will be revealed in the next couple of months) and so I wanted to see what this one would look like in rainbow colours. I had a stash of rainbow locks that Arlene and I had dyed together in the US, and this rainbow batt just calling my name, and this is what i came up with 🙂 piwakawaka-17  piwakawaka-19 You can get your free download  with instructions to spin this yarn by clicking the image right here: Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 10.29.15I also made a video to go with the recipe card, in which you can see each step of the construction of the yarn pictured. I hope you like it!  (Go to ‘fullscreen’ or watch on the WoolWench You Tube Channel)

We would love to see what you make with this recipe! Remember the colour possibilities are endless, and please feel free to show us any variations of your own that you come up with! Either here or on our Facebook Group 

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