Yarn Buckles: Cute AND Useful!

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Something new from WoolWench land 🙂 Yarn Buckles! These are cute little dots, of great use to anyone who ever needs to keep a track of the end of their yarn, skein end, or keep their centre pull yarn ‘cake’ tidy and neat!

Each Yarn Buckle has its own ‘moon’ shape, into which you slide a loop of your yarn from close to the end, pull it up into the corners and you yarn buckle will hold on to it, creating an easy to find marker in the skein! 

It looks like yarn jewellery 🙂 and so also creates a beautiful treat in gift skeins as well as making it easy for the recipient to find the end and start their unwinding.

I have found they work extremely well for holding the outside end of the yarn in a centre pull ball too, I just add one about three inches in from the end, then tuck that end securely into the ball. It holds well and not only keeps the end secured but is also very tidy and it looks really cute 🙂

I made some videos to show how to use them, quick and simple 🙂 

And for finer yarns:

At the moment I have three different ‘theme’ sets available to collect, the ‘Yarn’ one:

The Anime Set:

and the Dr Who set:

During the coming year we will occasionally be swapping these for new designs as the seasons change. If you have any ideas for themes you would like to see please let me know!

If you would like some for yourself, or a a gift for a special fibery friend, you can find them here! http://fiberygoodness.com/yarn-buckles/




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