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My first post from my first visit to the US about my first US workshop 🙂 I have to say right off that this is going to be one of those gushy ‘everything is amazing’ posts, because it really is amazing! We landed  in Washington DC, and were scooped up by the lovely Arlene, and after all our weekly Skype sessions and our collaboration over the past year on the FiberyGoodness development, it was the best thing ever to be finally sharing the same space and the extra ease that comes with actual proximity rather than virtual.

We travelled up to Pam’s farm in Oxford Connecticut, my first US roadtrip, which you can read about soon on the Fiberygoodness blog (complete with Dunkin Donuts and waffles with chipped beef..) Needless to say, it was an epic trip and the warmest of welcomes at Pams LOGHOUSE – yes a real loghouse! Complete with a porch among the treetops (it was like being in a treehouse!) which was decked with Zen making wind chimes and, by Saturday morning, women with wheels and lots of yummy fiber.

Pams2014 1 Pams2014 2

And the workshop. It was a bit of a squeeze to start with, but after I did some talky stuff and explained our plan for the day, we were able to spread out again. The goal was that everyone would try some multiple plying, taking some risks and playing around with putting singles together in different ways.

Pams2014 3


Pams2014 4

The porch was well used, Nicole watched by the (not real) sheep and the table out there used to demo some hackle blending too.

Some amazing yarns were created, and one of the highlights was seeing Ashly master the Silk Wrapping Shelob technique and create this beautiful yarn. She added in those amazing golden silk cocoons using the ‘Wrap and Trap’ method that I figured out can work so well with the strong silk fibers, I hadnt thought of adding in actual cocoons so this was an inspiration for me too, they looked all gold and luxury texture in the yarn, really cool!

Pams2014 6

I think that for me, the best best part of the day was meeting so many wonderful people, most of whom I knew already from Facebook, and/or had exchanged messages with, and I’ve been following their photos and yarn adventures. There were some Golden Fleece students there too and I feel like I really made some good friends and connections, and seeing some of the Golden Fleece yarns ‘for real’ was just awesome,  I left with a very special gift from Marti that really touched me, a ‘friendship’ yarn that gives an even greater connection between absent friends when distance parts us. There were some very special moments and I am grateful and humbled by the warmth that was shared with me by this creative group of women.

My deepest thanks to Pam and Mike, who hosted and organised this fabulous day, my only regret was not having had more time to spend just to hang out and enjoy the farm! But I know, I will be back 🙂



  1. Had a so much fun, was lucky to do it again at SWAY

  2. It was a dream come true here at Dream Come True Farm! Suzy Brown is an awesome instructor and I experienced so much Fibery goodness. I sure hop it can be a yearly event. xoxoxo Suzy.

  3. That looks like a wonderful place. Beautiful setting

  4. Marti is a friend of mine. She’s an amazing fiber artist.

  5. Great Blog, I enjoyed reading.


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