Thanks for visiting my Workshops page! What follows is a list of upcoming workshops for 2014. While there is currently plenty of time to enrol, I would appreciate it a lot (for my planning) if you would let me know as soon as you decide for sure that you would like to join me for one or more of these! Places are limited, but there is also a minimum number needed for each workshop to go ahead. If more people want to join than the maximum stated, then don’t worry, I will start a waiting list and arrange a second workshop when that is full. Payment is requested once registration has reached the minimum number required for the workshop to go ahead, and your payment will then secure your place.

On enrollment I will send you any extra info needed.

I hope you find a day or weekend event that inspires you, I would love it if you could come along and share some fibery madness fun.

If your group would like me to come to you for a workshop, please contact me and lets see what we can arrange, I would love to hear from you.

Please scroll to the end of the page for my background information and feedback from previous workshops. If you spot a workshop in the ‘previous workshops’ section that interests you please let me know if you would like me to repeat it!


WoolWench Workshops at Yellow Farm

18 and 19 April 2015

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Yellow Farm

Workshops 2014

30 November 2014

Dyeing Day at Inspire Fibres, Woodville NZ

Another fun day with at the treasure trove aka Inspire Fibres! This day follows on from Tracys Fibre knowledge and preparation day on the 29th. We will use all that lovely washed fibre and dye up a rainbow! We will play with kettle dyeing locks, roving, and skeins of yarn, as well as a couple of fun hand painting techniques for both roving and yarn. Contact Tracy for enrolments!

Click the image for the brochure





25-26 October 2014
Rainbow Weekend at Inspire Fibres Woodville NZ

Cost of the 2 day class will be $130. (this includes venue/gear use, morning and afternoon teas, continuous cuppas…) BYO lunch. Materials kit will be extra: approx $20-25.


2 November 2014
Sailing Club Napier, NZ
Find Your Inner Fiber Hero – Spinning Expressive Yarns

Spend the day learning and practicing a range of spin techniques! We will work with some basic core spinning coiling, lock spinning, and some fun plying techniques to make the most of your textures and colours. Download the brochure for more information, and contact Elaine to get your name on the list for this fun day in Ahuriri! We will create yarns that will work on any wheel, and we will play around with fiber preparations specific to the kind of yarns you want to make. I will have some equipment there to use, and there is a materials list in the brochure, email me with any questions!


February 21-23 Mennorode Conference Center, Elspeet, The Netherlands

Spinning and Weaving Weekend: Netherlands

(Featuring Majacraft tools and Equipment, Exotic Fibers, and Double Heddle Weaving for the not-faint-of-heart)

A weekend offering fibery fun with exotic fibers, blending, spinning, and weaving. Participants are free to choose their activities within the program, which includes, spinning fine fibers, plying, wheel mechanics (setting your wheel to spin the yarn you want), double heddle weaving, freeform weaving, circular weaving. Surprise challenges throughout the weekend. With WoolWench and Patty Poot Designs and brought to you by Textielwerk Wol en Zo.

For the full program and workshop information download the brochure

        In Dutch                                                    In English

mennorode2014 mennorode2014

March 9
Dyeing Secrets Workshop

WoolWench House

A full afternoon of colour fun, kettle dyeing, over dyeing, tie die and ‘splodge’ dyeing, using both roving and spun yarns in combination with a big range of Landscape and Jacquard dyes.

More information in the downloadable brochure, enrol fast, this class is almost full!


Yarn Architecture: USA

April 19 at Dreams Come True Farm, Oxford, Connecticut, USA

A special day that will include, yarn architecture training; multiple plying  and yarn construction for texture and colour effects, Surprise Challenges, and a talk on Dyeing techniques with handout worksheets to take home and try out! For more information download your brochure here, and contact our host Pam Blasko for location details and enrolment.



Yarn Architecture to Weave and Wear: USA

SWAY Guild Festival, April 25,26,27 – 2014

I am honoured to have been invited to teach at this years SWAY Guild festival held in Sarasota, Florida (USA). This is an exciting weekend, which we will kick off on the Friday evening with a special ‘Golden Fleece’ event, followed by a weekend of yarn design and construction, in which I will share some of my ‘specials’, Woolwench techniques for spinning constructed yarns for texture and colour. We will add in a fun game of surprise spinning challenges, and on the Sunday this will all culminate in some weaving on the new Majacraft Circular Looms, when I will share with you different ways to warp, techniques for weaving, and the top secret project I am currently working on that I am sure you will love too!

Download the brochure here for enrolment and location info:





More Workshop dates will follow as I build this years schedule!






Workshops and lessons will be given mostly in English, although during individual lessons I am more able to take the extra time to speak in my ungrammatical dutch with you if you prefer that!  I understand dutch very well and it often works nicely if I speak english and you speak dutch and then we all understand each other 🙂 Otherwise, during workshops, there is always someone there able to make translations when needed.

Some General Information
I am a qualified educator with years of teaching experience in a wide range of disciplines; art and theatre, as well as academic and language fields. I think people generally find me friendly, approachable, and helpful, and as an instructor I have always received excellent feedback from students about my teaching style and methods. My main aim is that people will enjoy themselves, learn something, and be inspired to take what they learn and make it their own.

Creativity has a hard time happening in isolation, we are here to share ideas, bounce them around, reshape them, and take risks, knowing that someone has your back. I hope that my workshops offer you the environment you need to feel comfortable, creative, and able to express your experimental streak to make your own fiber discoveries!


Workshop Feedback

“The workshop was amazing. Not only did I learn lots of different techniques(even more than I hoped for), it was a fun day altogether. It has made me love handspinning even more!”

“Naast gezellig ook heel veel info in 1 dag! Veel technieken geleerd, veel gezien van elkaar.”

“Last saturday I learned to make these beautiful super puff coils!! Suzy of Wool Wench is giving these great workshops art yarn spinning!!”

“Suzy: thank you for this wonderful day. It was SO worth it to meet you and to be educated by you! I’m inspired to bits again and driven to spend every free hour behind my wheel.”

“Het was fantastisch! Veel geleerd. Gisteren heel de dag wol geverfd om te kunnen verwerken in mooie garens. Bedankt!” (It was fantastic! Much learned. Yesterday the whole day dyeing wool to make into beautiful yarns. Thanks!”)


Here are a few images from the first Find Your Inner Fiber Hero workshop, with yarns made by Peti and Brigitte!




27 January: 

Beginners Spindle Spinning
Venue: Woool, The Hague (1pm-3pm)
Cost €30


This workshop is now fully booked, please contact me if you are interested in learning to spindle spin, I have a waiting list and when its getting full I will schedule another workshop!

This workshop runs for 2 hours, making it a lovely afternoon in a wonderful venue! During the workshop we will cover: understanding fiber and twist, drafting, a beginning spindling technique known as  Park and Draft, then finally, putting it all together. And they key to learning to spin? Practice practice practice! We will end with a brief overview of how to finish your singles and set the twist.
The cost includes a cuppa, and a kit including enough fiber to get you started, and an instruction sheet to take home as a reminder of what we have covered in the workshop!


April 14

Find your Inner Fiber Hero – Spinning for Texture

One day workshop (10am-4.30pm)
Cost €80
Max 8 places, please book early!
Venue: WoolWench House, Soest

Its all about the texture baby! This is the second of my Find Your Inner Fiber Hero workshops, with a whole NEW programe, in the first we tried out lots of techniques, spinning bulky, big coils, corespinning, chain plying, beehives, snarl yarns. This time we are going to focus on texture! Lock spinning, tail spinning, funky art batt spinning, using cloth strips, ribbons, noils, anything spinable really! We will also cover some fiber preparation (carding and combing), as well as practice Add-ins – incorporating non-fiber items into yarn and spinning for textures, bobbles, knobbles, twists, boucles. Lots to cover and lots of fun!

Included in the price: Lunch! And each participant will receive a fiber kit that includes a range of fibers and textures, some corespinning thread, and some cute add-ins to try out!

 Click here for your downloadable/printable brochure!


September 14

Dyeing Secrets Workshop

One day workshop. (10am-4pm)
Places limited: Max 6
Venue: WoolWench House (and Garden, weather permitting) Soest
Cost €85

Lets get colourful! I love dyeing, and I like to make rich and intense colours in my fibers. Maybe I dye a little differently, so during this workshop I will show you several techniques I use regularly for dyeing: Multicoloured locks in a pot, Handpainting roving (specifically with my way of getting intense colours), Dyeing spun Yarn, and a special technique I use to set the dyes!

We will also look at colour choices: and while our dyes are setting we will work on how to identify and create a Pallet from a picture or collection of items (forest pieces, beach shells and stones, flowers etc), and mixing dyes to create unique colours. We will use water colour paints on paper to create a reference to use when mixing dyes.

Workshop cost includes dyes and 200grams Merino roving which we will split up to try different dye methods, and a couple of big handfuls of undyed locks of some variety each. If you would like to dye some spun yarn (or overdye it if its already dyed!) please bring some with you in a skein.

Places are limited to a max of 6 people for this workshop as we need the time and equipment to also set our dyes (steam/heat) and enough table space to make a splash! Please book early to ensure your place, if more than 6 people want to join in, then I can set up a waiting list and arrange a second dyeing day.

To Download your brochure click HERE or on the Brochure



September 29

Freeform Weaving: on the Wild Side!

One day workshop with Woolwench and Patty Poot

Cost €98 including warps and warping yarns, use of various different types of looms, embellishment materials, and of course, lunch!  Places are limited, please confirm your interest and participation as soon as possible! (send me a message via my contact form

Venue: WoolWench House, Soest 

Patty and I would love to share with you our combined skills and creative ideas for either getting you started with freeform weaving for the first time, or helping you let go of your learned skills as a traditional weaver, just for a little while, and we will make some crazy weavings with art yarns and handspuns on looms! There is a HUGE interest in weaving and an upsurge in experimental forms of fabric creation using  handspun and also commercial yarns. This is really an anything goes kind of  weaving, in which your design is driven by whimsy, experimentation, and the fibers and threads you have on hand to work with. Its not complicated, you need to know the basics of setting up your loom, what fibers you can use, and we will help you find ways to express your creativity with warp and weft.

This workshop will be a combination of talents. I will work with you on creativity boosts, embellishment and design ideas, and Patty will be teaching some incredibly practical and slightly more technical weaving skills. Topics we will cover include: different ways you can warp a loom, basic plain weave with art yarns, adding special effects and sculptural forms, adding embellishments, tapestry techniques, supplemental warping, and of course, colour work.

We will have looms here for you to use, a range of types and sizes, and of course if you have your own loom you want to practice on you can bring that along and we will see how crazy you can make it! Freeform weaving is really… freeform! We dont need to get complicated with patterns, counting, or intricate warping, you’ll be amazed at how fast you are creating incredible woven items. More details to follow when I post the brochure with the full program.


Here is your brochure ready to download when you click the link!




November 17 2013

Hot and Spicy Food and Fiber Spinning Workshop

Autumn, the days are getting colder and nights are getting longer, the perfect time to crank it up with some Hot and Spicy edible treats and some equally rich and flavourful spinning! Our afternoon begins with some delicious taste bud explosions with curry provided by Jennifer (Restaurant Oni), that will warm us up and provide the inspiration for the following spinning! I will provide a spinning kit including some specially dyed hot and spicy fibers, and we will work on some intermediate to advanced spinning and plying techniques.

This is going to be a warm, fun, together in food and fiber day at a fantastic venue in the Hague. If you havent been to Woool before you need to! If you have been there already, you will know what a fun place this is to hang out for the afternoon and learn some new stuff, chat, eat, and enjoy! Download the brochure for the rest of the details! Get your enrolment in as soon as possible, places are limited!



November 23

Spinning for Christmas Workshop

4 hour workshop at Textielwerk Wol en Zo, Zeeland

Spinning for the holidays! Tinsel yarns, tree decorations, streamers and buntings, there will be sparkle, there will be fairy lights, there will be a wonderful venue and great company! We are planning a packed four hours of spinning with a very Christmassy theme!



November 24

Christmas Wreath and Decorations with Yarns
2 hour workshop (1pm-3pm)
Venue: Woool The Hague
Max 8

This should be a really fun workshop in a great venue. As its getting darker and time to get out the fairy lights and Christmas decor, what could be better than some yarny creations to brighten us up! During this workshop we will make a fun yarn Christmas or Winter Wreath. I will supply wire spun yarn for making curls, handspun candy cane yarn, tinsel and streamers, cane wreaths, roving for wrapping and various other decorative items. Please bring you own battery powered fairy lights any other decorative objects you would like to use or share.

Cost Including the stated materials and equipment  €50 Download the brochure by clicking on the cover!