Woolville New Zealand!

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Its pretty awesome to be back in New Zealand, and I am loving my little road trips filled with familiar yet unfamiliar views. I’ve been away a long time. I am re-seeing the amazingness that is this country, the big blue skies that go on and on till they reach the majestically misty snow tipped mountains, the open rolling hills and the light that turns them into velvet draped countours dotted with sheep and trees. I have to remind myself to watch the road more than the scenery I am driving into! This weekend has been amazing.

I left early Saturday morning on a two hour drive to Woodville (aka ‘Woolville’), the home of Inspire Fibres and the venue of our two day Rainbow Blending workshop. The early morning light was amazing and I have to admit, that, the giant coffee I brought with me, and the amazing scenery, was a great way to wake up and start the day!

From that point on the weekend just kept getting better and better šŸ™‚ This is a workshop that I love doing, there is something about the rainbow colours that is infectiously fun! Tracy and I had discussed our base colours which she did an incredible job of dyeing up, we all arrived to these big buckets of lusciousness!

rainbowworkshop (1 of 1)


We had combed, carded, and locks to play with in all three primary colours, dyed in a quite specific way to best create the kinds of rainbows we wanted. As usual Tracys selection of these fibres was brilliant and the quality fantastic! And who couldnt love being greeted like this first thing in the morning..


rainbowworkshop (1 of 1)-3

And the fun and vibrancy wasn’t only in the fibres, this was an awesome group of people to spend the weekend with, creative, enthusiastic, relaxed, and I laughed a lot. I would like to thank everyone who came along and made this such a lovely couple of days, I really enjoyed everyones company!

Here are some more photos from the weekend, we spent a day on fibre preparation, mixing up colours and making our rainbow batts and roving from the carders, hackles and the combs:

rainbowworkshop (1 of 1)-4 rainbowworkshop (1 of 1)-5 rainbowworkshop (1 of 1)-7 rainbowworkshop (1 of 1)-9 rainbowworkshop (1 of 1)-10 rainbowworkshop (1 of 1)-19 rainbowworkshop (1 of 1)-21 rainbowworkshop (1 of 1)-24 rainbowworkshop (1 of 1)-28


Throughout the weekend I really enjoyed everyones company, its lovely to hear the ‘kiwi’ stories again, like Cecilia’s tale about the possums, the little bits of farm talk, and of course the local information and fibre knowledge! Denise and Amelia were a constant source of laughs and Susan and Tracy looked after us wonderfully the entire weekend! (let me just say this – CHOCOLATE FISH!)

Thank you EVERYONE for making this such a great weekend! And I am looking forward to seeing Denise and Cecilia again next Sunday at the spin workshop here in Napier too!


  1. It was great to have you back in NZ, Susy. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop even if I did run out of steam bu Sunday afternoon. Susan

  2. Wow that just looks like so much fun!!! And the dog has my special favorite technique yarn on it….darn dog. I have yet to do it, life is sidetracking me.

  3. Mmmmmmmm, sparklyyyyyyy…

  4. oh the colors and all that fibre. i cant wait to start my journey

  5. Wow. The description of New Zealand and all those “fiber porn” pix. I need a cigarette now! lol. Thanks for sharing. So beautiful!

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