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manic dynamic Majacrafters

I love how ideas can start as little precious sparks and, given the right conditions, in a short time can become a blaze.  A little discussion between me, Esther, and Donni, in which we decided to make a nice collaboration and weave each others yarns (yes – way cool right?!) turned into a whole new group on Facebook especially for Majacraft Dynamic Loom owners (or those who have it high on their wishlist!). I mean, why should we be individually hogging all the fun! Shared is always better 🙂

So what do we have? Its our own group space on Facebook, where I hope we can share lots of inspiration and ideas, making the most of the features of the Majacraft loom that make it unique and interesting. Now that I have had mine for a while I am feeling quite comfortable with the warping, and the plain weave possiblities, there are a huge range of reed segment sizes so I know I can use any of my art yarns. Next up is playing with the double heddle potential, which effectively turns it into a three shaft loom, so I can create repeating patterns, but with art yarns! I am visualising very textured lockspuns woven into a twill pattern, for example. I will be sharing progress on the group page! With the wide range of weaving experience of the group members I am sure that I will get some great tips and feedback on the process and will learn a lot.

I am also very excited to be sharing the group page admin with Esther Rodgers (Jazzturtle) and Donni Grant (Loom&Arty), both really creative people! I am looking forward to posting about our collaboration project, and we hope to run some fun challenges for group members to get stuck into with us in the near future!

So this is where our little sparking idea has taken us so far, who knows where its going to end up?! Maybe we can one day run a Majacraft Loom Play retreat for hands on face to face experiences with group members! Or perhaps we can organise swaps, competitions, even exhibitions, there is always so much potential when you get a bunch of creative people all in one place and the ideas bouncing around 🙂


If you have a Majacraft loom, I’d love it if you join the group too. If you dont have one (yet) but are considering it, come and join us!

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  1. Hello Donni, I will see you at Majacraft Magic camp 2014 at Keswick Christian Camp Lake Rotorua
    February 28th – 30th February I’ll see you there
    Robert Peachman

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