Weaving into Winter

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Its 9.20am and I am sitting here at my computer feeling the icy bite of winter creeping in, that time of year when it feels like all my bones are frozen and there is always that annoying gap at the back of my neck that my scarf didn’t cover, and the ends of my sleeves not reaching down past my wrists far enough. My nose is cold and I am resorting to huddling over my coffee to warm up. Yes, the heating is on, somehow I dont seem to be feeling it though. You might be asking yourself about now, ‘is this post going to be one long complain time about the weather?’. And while I would like to say, ‘why no, no it’s not, because I have other actual important things to tell you’,  in fact, if I think about it honestly, it really is all about the weather. Sorry. Here is more : well it would be if my fingers werent frozen to the keys. Ok I am exaggerating. I have been weaving this week, perhaps an attempt to create warmth in wooly cloth 🙂  What I have done this week is completed two woven objects, one an experiment in double heddle weaving on my Majacraft loom, which turned out to be really interesting to do and with results I really like! I will be writing some more about this in a later post, because, theres quite a lot to say that goes beyond just ‘double heddle weaving rocks’.

doubleheddle (4)


and the other, a circle weaving. Partly it was to test out the tutorial I have written to accompany the Golden Fleece Fiber Creativity Course. There will be a task at the end of the course for using the yarns created in each module, and I am hoping that most people are going to choose to make that a circular woven item to the guidelines we will be suggesting.  So I have made a little tutorial showing how I use my circular loom. I have added lots of photos, so I hope its clear! Here is the piece I made this week, complete with shinys and yarn with lots of angelina combed into it 🙂

circleshine (4)

This one I am planning on adding onto a bag, I think it would suit a nice rich brown leather, so I just need to find one to suit!

I am really enjoying my circular weaving, its meditative, simple (or more complicated if I want it to be), its easy to pick up and put down and even take out places with me, something I have missed since I am not a knitter able to take my hobby with me in a handbag! While I was in New Zealand I even took my weaving to the beach with me 🙂



Ok – the Circle Weaving Tutorial! I made it using the Majacraft Circular loom which we developed especially for the Golden Fleece course, you can see one of the early versions in my beach picture. We settled on the wood version as its light, not too expensive, and its nice to handle and use. It also has our Golden Fleece Logo etched into it too 🙂 Awesome! They are currently (still) exclusively available to Golden Fleece enrolled students only, however keep an eye on the Majacraft website and Facebook page for the upcoming release of the version that will be available to everyone and anyone with a yen to weave in circles too! I swear, its the best fun you’ll ever have with a bit of yarn and a notched round flat thing. 😉


For those who have ordered a loom, its on its way! If you haven’t ordered yet but cant wait to get started, you can even make yourself a temporary loom from a big circle of cardboard! The nice thing about these is that you can weave right up to the edge, and then lift the weaving straight off, without having to cut and tie warps. That also makes it really easy to pick up stitches and add more embellishments and ’rounds’ by knitting or crocheting as well. I love combining techniques!

So here you go – click the image below to download! For enrolled Golden Fleece students, I will also post this in our Resource Library, and follow it with some ‘advanced’ or at least ‘slightly more tricky’ techniques for making cool shapes and patterns in your circle weavings. We will also be using these for our Module 8 project, with some specific prompts and ideas, and you will read about THAT when we get to the final module. I cant wait! Well I can, but you know, I can’t too…

In the meantime, I wanted to share this with everyone, enrolled in the course or not, so we can all enjoy some FiberyGoodness!



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