Valentines yarn 2013

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Something fun to do is make themed yarns, and of course the special days of the year are idea inspiration sources! I did the Christmas yarns: (click on the pics for larger images)

and an Easter Yarn:  and also last years Valentine yarn with Roses (for which I also did the video – check that out on the Downloads page among the videos if you’d like to see one way of integrating objects).

I didnt yet do a Halloween yarn, but this year I will for sure!)

But now I am working on this years Valentine yarn 🙂

Its not really finished yet but I wanted to share it with you already, also cos sometimes its just interesting to see how something develops! I started out with a hot pink, yellow, orange, and purple merino roving. I spun a single, and after a few yards I stopped, broke off the roving and pulled some yarn back off the bobbin and wrapped it into a mini ball, and started crocheting it to make the little crochet hearts:

 I started by chaining 4, then joining it into a circle with slip stitch (my crochet description is not going to be very technical because I am hopeless with patterns, but I will describe what I did!)

Then I chained two, then *yarn over and put the hook through the middle of the circle to pick up the yarn and pull it through, yarn over and pull through two, yarn over pull though two again. I am not sure if this is double or triple stitch! I am sure someone will know and hopefully leave a comment with the proper term for this! I get confused between the english and American stitch names..

Ok then chain one*

Then repeat * to * three times

then chain two (this is the point at the bottom of the heart).

then repeat * to * again. And thats it! When you get to the last stitch, pull the yarn all the way through to knot it, then I wove it back through the heart to the center and made one more chain there to fasten it. At this point you might want to treadle a little to make sure there is enough twist left between the heart and the orifice, and then join the roving back onto the unspun end of your yarn and spin more until you want to make the next heart.

I wasnt sure if I wanted to leave this yarn as a single or to ply it, I felt that the proportions would be better though if it was plied. I happened to have a while single leftover from something else sitting beside me on the table and thought it would be a fun combination, so instead of spinning a second single and using more of the roving, I would ply with the white. I want to make more of this yarn, with better crocheted hearts, now that I have practiced them a bit and found the right number of stitches to suit me, so I wanted to keep enough dyed roving to do it! In fact once I started plying I really liked the candy stripe effect for a Valentines yarn too 😛

Plying is just a standard ply, making sure that the hearts sit nicely. I would also be possible to make both singles to be plyed with the hearts in them, making more of them that way too.

I also found out that in the Lexi Boeger book “Hand Spun” there is a yarn called ‘In Line Crochet’ shown by Heather Lightbody (Girl With A Hook) that has some really cool freeform shapes in the example. This is super fun yarn to make! Its limited only by your imagination (and the amount of yarn you pull off the wheel to work on!) and I bet people who crochet way better than I can will come up with loads of amazing shapes and forms integrated into their yarns!

When I have my final yarn complete I will post it so you can see if it changes much in the finished off process. I like to see how yarns are developed! Sometimes they just happen spontaneously and are just right the first time, other times they take experimenting, altering, adapting, and more experimenting before finding just the right twist, or ply, or bobbles, or wraps, when you hit on the right thing, its great! 



  1. Suzy do you, by any chance, have a YouTube video on using this awesome technique? Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Actually, I dont! But thats a great idea to make one 🙂 I will add it to my list!

  2. It looks amazing! Makes me want to break out the spinning wheel!

    • Redd you need to get that wheel out and spinning! Go for it 🙂

  3. What a super fun yarn! Stokje is the one with the yarn over 🙂
    It’s incredible to me that this is all possible with spinning!

  4. It’s great, Suzy, and it doesn’t matter what you call your crochet stitch as long as you get the look you want!!

    • thanks Elaine! I figured even if I looked it up I wouldnt know if it was the American or the English version anyway, safer to just describe it 😛

  5. stokje……………. heet dat…..

    • hoi Tudbspinster! Wat is het dat stokje heet?

  6. <3 it 🙂


  1. the second skein - […] really did it for me this time was something I discovered last week: WoolWench’s special Valentine’s yarn with crocheted hearts…

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