The One Wheel is Adventuring (aka: There and back again!)

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The One Wheel, my extra special WoolWench Aura, my baby, my pride and joy, my spin companion, my much counted on right arm, missing since I have been back in New Zealand as she remained behind in the Netherlands, loyally waiting as I spun shamelessly on ‘the other wheel’, the (also very lovely) Aura on loan to me from Majacraft.

wheel (2)

Until now… because MY AURA IS COMING HOME!!

I am so excited 🙂 I am already planning what we will do together when she arrives! Luckily last time I was at Majacraft I filmed Andrew assembling an Aura for their ‘How To’ series, so I have a head-start for putting her back together and am confident I can have her up and spinning in no time, like we have never been apart.. (how could it have been two years already?!).

I am looking forward to once again enjoying the beautiful wood and grain, and the amazing customisation I have SO missed of the Elven script Andrew engraved her with to make this truly my One Wheel.         This view is home to me!

wheel (1)

There is nothing quite like your OWN wheel is there. Even though my loan Aura was wonderful, it just wasn’t ‘my’ wheel, it didn’t fit me quite the same even though I could spin just the same on it. Its amazing really how something like a wheel could become such an integral part of our creation process that it becomes like a part of us as well. Of course we create our own history with our wheels too. If you don’t already know about how the One Wheel and I got together, you can read about it on my blogpost about her arrival to me in The Netherlands.

So what do we have in store for us next, my One Wheel and I? Check out these goodies I have been saving for her return (and her trip to New Zealand is as much a return home for her as it was for me! She was born just 4 hours drive from where I was!)

Here we go… what shall we start with? This yummy kid mohair?

Auraspinning 3

oh oh what about this batt?!

Auraspinning 2

Or I have these lovely Gotland lamb locks (thank you Yvonne Monk!!)

Auraspinning 4

Or would my One Wheel prefer to start with our familiar rainbow of colours in this lovely squishy Polwarth?


I believe this is what is known as being ‘spoilt for choice!’.. the kind of dilemma I LIKE..

I am thinking I will start out with the standard head, spin a bunch of bobbins then swap to the Overdrive and PLY ALL THE BOBBINS! Just because I can 🙂 Perhaps after that I will use the stylus and do some longdraw spinning.. or the fast flyer and spin some lace.. so much to do so little time!

But when it comes down to it, I will just be so happy to have my beloved back home 🙂

If you are interested in finding out more about the Aura, and perhaps considering creating your own One Wheel in your own style, you can find out more about these amazing spinning wheels on our websites dedicated Aura Page . Customisations are also a wonderful way to really make your wheel fit your own personal identity and loves, you can ask us about those too! Meantime, I will be waiting by the front door for my One Wheel to be delivered… eek!!









  1. You inspired me to buy an Aura. It’s lovely. No more body fatigue. So many possibilities. One Wheel 😊 You are together again 😊

  2. Is it shipped and on her way???
    😘 So happy for you…..WOW…
    Do you remember it arrived at our place and you started spinning on her???
    I will never forget your face …..
    Love from all of us, Alet

  3. I am so happy for you… My dream is a wheel like you have… I have now a Fantasia wheel and the Ashford joy. My Grand daughter (9jears ) is learning spinning… So I have to share 😘

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