The Journey Begins!

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wow Wow WOW! What an adventure this is turning out to be! Our Golden Fleece Course launched today and I can tell you, this has completely exceeded even my wildest anticipations 🙂 Thank you so much to everyone who has enrolled for this course, Arlene and I were sitting at our computers, skype running, just staring at each other as the enrolment confirmations poured in,  stunned and grateful at the overwhelmingly positive response!

One of the reasons why this has become so astounding is that, a driving concept we had right back at the start, was the  development of our global community. We started out talking about just how excited we were with the international connections we could see happening, and which we could imagine happening more and more around the fiber world as people come together and link up, via the internet, and become part of this amazing movement of creativity. We both found it a very exciting development, making the world both a smaller, but ultimately more exciting and connected place. We talked about the idea of literally linking up pieces of art made by fiber artists from all over the world, not only bringing the art together and joining it up with literal threads, but also connecting the people together, to share cultures, experiences, skills, and inspirations. We really hope our Fibery Goodness website will provide a space for this to happen as we get to know one another through the Heros Journey we are about to embark on, together.

It is fantastic to see we have students enrolled for this course, from: Sweden, Norway Denmark, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand…  It is awesome to see one of our big goals being realised in this exciting way.

Now that our launch is achieved, and we have set this ship sailing, its time for us to take stock a little, set up the next part of the journey, and prepare for the exciting things to come. Arlene and I would like to thank the people who have supported the adventure so far, our Fiber Sponsers, the Module testers, and of course our Majacraft friends. All these wonderful people have kept us going with their enthusiasm and interest along the way to date, and this has helped us maintain our motivation and momentum throughout the development of the course. I can say for myself, personally, this is a dream that is now becoming realised, and I absolutely could not have done this on my own. This is another reason we wanted to create this course and the connections we hope participants will make through it, together we are mighty! And if you think about it, just like the stars out there in the universe, we are all here together, each and every one of us a star, individual, unique, beautiful, exotic, a wonderful creation, a being that never was before and never will be again, how special is that?! And we are all here together, all part of this amazing life, linked by the earth we stand on and the universe we are part of. I think we need to make the most of that 🙂 The Journey to the Golden Fleece Course is one of the ways Arlene and I have found to share a connection, connecting first within and to ourselves, and then with others, through self expression in the medium of Fiber. Awesome.










  1. Congratulations too !!! (sorry for my bad english ! ) Is it too late to confirm my enrolment for the module 2 ??? I’m so sorry ..I failed the module 1!!! but I will like to become part of this movement of creativity !!! it’s very interesting, and very exciting to share our dreams , our approaches for fibers! what can I do ?

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