Teeswater weaving

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I just wanted to share a little look at what I was weaving this week, because I was happy with the result but when I started it had no idea if i would be or not! I was worried that the little curls would get trapped and lost under the warp, but I found that I could flick out the curls as I wove, and the end piece has a lovely curly texture. Which is great, because I didn’t have a plan B. 😛


  1. I love creating without a plan……the results are always interesting, and surprising……and in this case, absolutely beautiful.

  2. Lovely colors!! Must get some Teeswater here. Theres a farm in Wisconsin!!

    • Teeswater is a lovely curly fiber, and I especially like lamb anyway because its always so soft 🙂 Its a nice alternative to mohair, and if you get the adult Teeswater locks you can get some really long ones, great for tailspinning!

  3. Dit is echt heel erg mooi wou dat ik dat ook kon geweldig hoor

  4. Your work is beautiful – so unique and different. Very impressed.

    • aw thanks Maggie! I try to do my own thing, and just make the things I like myself, mostly I am a colour nut, and I love it when the colours and the textures work together as well as they did in this yarn!

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