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Another short post today, just because I wanted to share a little video with you that I made last week. I was playing around with the idea of Nply (aka navajo Ply aka Chain Ply) and I figured out this way of doing it around a core yarn. Its a lot of fun to do this, and it makes really huge stacks that, because of the chaining, are relatively stable as well. The cool thing is the variations you can get with this, making smaller or larger stacks, using smooth or textured yarns, thick or thin or thick AND thin, even the possibility of adding in objects by threading them onto your loop as you ply…

What else is super cool, is that since I shared the video on FB, some other people have been trying this too and sharing the result with me! I am looking at YOU Lisa Renee McKenzie! Check out this amazing yarn she did!



and I know she is making more, and had a great idea for adding in Beehive coils too! I love the snowball effect that ideas have 🙂 Lisa called these ‘Megastacks’ and I really like that name, lets stick with that one 🙂


So this is my quick post, here is the video! and some pics of the yarn I made like this, and there will be more to come.. This is a very simple technique in which you simply wrap your NPly around a core thread, taking the yarn from the opposite side of the core to form your chain. I also discovered its possible to alternate grabbing that yarn from over or under the core, so altering the texture of the stacks. There will be lots more experiments to come, Lisa and I already thought of: using a thick and thin yarn, addins, using a really overspun yarn to add in snarls, and of course, there are all kinds of colour possibilities too!

If you try this one too, please tag me if you post pics to Facebook, I would LOVE to see what you dream up with it!

and here are some images of the yarns I trialled with this technique:
nplycore (1)

nplycore (3)

nplycore (5)


  1. Yeah! Inspiration! Thank you for sharing. I spun a very springy, elastic wool and alpaca blend with yarn bit add-ins and couldn’t bring myself to make yet another hat, but I couldn’t think of any other use for it. Now I can play with it and make it part of a new yarn.

    • wonderful Barb! If you want to share I would love if it you come back here and post a link so we can see what you create!

  2. How FUN! Thanks for sharing!

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