Spinning Textured Unicorn Barf

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Spinning for texture! That was the mission of todays workshop, and I can confidently say that we nailed it! Just look at this!

textures 16There were crazy textured batts full of sparkle spun into big and lofty textured yarns, thread plied with gold.. there were fine spun loopy plys, coilplied corespuns, and some stunning lockspun mohair! We finished with a quick demo of spinning objects into yarn, and then the day was over far too soon.

We had some real gems though, check out this amazing skein Karen made (who is such a fun person to hang out with!)

textures 6

Honestly, between Karen and Inge, there was much hilarity and at one point, spinning loopy overtwist yarn I suddenly hear Inge commenting on how fun it was to spin all the little piemeltjesΒ as her loops were ending up quite like well, lets just say the part of a male anatomy that my 5 year old is currently cracking himself up mentioning.. and I’m like, OMG Inge youre a crazy woman, as the discussion went on and I was working hard not to collapse in laughter πŸ˜€ and now, you know, whats been seen cant be unseen, so, thanks for that ladies πŸ˜› Spinning takes on a whole new dimension sometimes doesnt it, depending on the company you keep. I apparently keep the BEST kind of company! You ladies rock.

We also had some more serious discussions, about fiber preparation, the kinds of yarns you can make from different preparations, about finishing the yarns, and we also focussed on some pretty tricky techniques, there were certainly some more reflective, concentrated moments too where only the sound of whooshing wheels could be heard. I think we covered about four or five different spinning techniques and everyone made at least three yarns. Speed demon Corneel flew through the fibers and made some really gorgeous creations, including a fantastic Navajo plyed lockspun yarn! Everyone did really well with the corespinning and coil plying,

textures 4Carin made a really amazing loopy yarn, it looks almost ethereal, and so light and floaty, and Karen made a delightful corespun that also looked fantastic as a necklace! Meike found herself in the colours and produced a lovely plied yarn in reds and pink, Saskia created a really beautifully spun coiled yarn, and Jessica totally found her groove in the lock spinning. Laury just did awesomely on everything she spun πŸ™‚ Here are a few more pics:



textures 14textures 7textures 12

textures 3


And of course, there was cake:

textures 1


Thank you everyone, for making this such a fun and memorable day, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and left with some new ideas, inspiration, and motivation! Nu aan de slag – oefenen oefenen oefenen! Practice practice practice!






  1. When are you coming to a town near me in Australia Suzy? You ladies certainly had a whole lot of fun there and spun some amazing fun yarns, both fibrey yarns and wordy yarns, lol

    • I would love to visit Australia Kaite, and I will be in NZ for an extended time later this year early 2015, if there are enough people interested I could come over for a workshop weekend! Email me anytime πŸ™‚

  2. Gah! These are amazing. I am constantly amazed at how different artists can gather together and create the most diverse pieces. The lacy pink loopy yarn came from the same build as the lock spun, sigh I love fiber. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great report on your workshop day, wish I had been there too. I must try more techniques, I am still a bit amateurish at core spinning, and would like to try navaho-plying the art yarns too.
    At the moment I am spinning reds, greys and silver sparkle into thick-‘n-thin, then plying it with 2 thin red commercial yarns, making lovely blobs with the thick bits.
    And the next bats are waiting already, oranges with dark browns and bronze sparkle, and long bright orange locks to stick out here and there. Very autumny , just like the weather here in NZ.

    • loving the bronze sparkle with the browns!

  4. Het was fantastisch! Veel geleerd. Gisteren heel de dag wol geverfd om te kunnen verwerken in mooie garens. Bedankt! Groeten van Corneel

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the day Corneel, and found some inspiration to take home! It was lovely to meet you πŸ™‚

  5. I love the won that looks like a mix of popcorn and caramel corn!

    • yes! yummy on so many levels πŸ™‚

  6. That looks like it was so much fun again! And the ‘piemeltjes’ will stay with me forever now, lol!
    Thanks for that πŸ˜›

  7. I can see you had a great day, and I was almost rolling of my chair when you talked about the ” Pemeltjes” I think the were spinning ” Piemeltjes” But I know right away where you were talking about.

    • yes Monique, youre right! I can’t spell πŸ˜› I’ll fix it! And yes it was hilarious πŸ™‚

  8. What a wonderful day you all had!! The yarns are beautiful and the company of good friends laughing away the day while they spun must have been truly wonderful!! The cake looks good too.

    • Yes it was great πŸ™‚ And really good to also meet new people as well as put faces to Facebook names I have known for a little while too! Spinning is such a social activity isnt it πŸ™‚

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