Spinning day today!

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I know its meant to still be summer holidays, but here in Holland the weather hasnt cooperated with the dates, and actually I think we had summer one lovely Wednesday afternoon a couple of weeks before the vacation began. Since then we have had sporadic sunshine and a lot of rain.

Today was a rain day.

So I stayed indoors and dyed some sunshine, and then spun it!

It was slightly accidental, in so much as, I am using a new dye brand for my yellow, and I didnt know quite how it was going to work. Now I do. Its an amazing, in-ya-face super vibrant incredible ‘Bright Yellow’ from Eurolana (World of Wool). Its so very sunny and bright, it was a very good experiment! I painted the roving with the yellow, added orange and let it blend in, then painted on some cherry red and let that bleed into the orange. Then I wrapped it all up and let it steam away. It was pretty hard to photograph, the colours were too bright for the camera!

Spinning it was like catching the sun, I felt like Maui, the mythical demi-god of Maori legend, who caught the sun as it sped across the sky to make it slow down and stay long enough for people to enjoy its warmth, thats what I would love to do for our Dutch summer! Catch the sun and make it stay 🙂


  1. Thank you, I needed some sunshine in my day as Tasmania was wet windy and very cold today. You have inspired me to try and create a little bit of my own sunshine at home. Ciao

    • Yay! Happy creating Lindsay! I suppose you must be getting closer to the end of winter now, my Mum in NZ says they have Daffodils out at the moment 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Yay!

  3. I will check if the yellow really does match pineapple cocktail ..love the colors..going to Maui in am.

    • I hope you have a fantastic vacation Frances! What a wonderful destination, I can hear the drums and the singing and the sound of the waves in my head now 😉

  4. Thanks Annie! That yellow also reminded me of a Pineapple cocktail, now we’re just missing the fruit slices and little umbrella ;P

  5. Beautiful and bright like a tropical beach. Great job!

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