Snow Day

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Its really pretty outside! After ten years of living in the Netherlands you’d think I would be a little bit used to a the once or twice a winter snowfall, but in fact, I still tend to react to it with wonder, seriously, I could sit and watch the snow falling for hours. I spent most of my life in the part of New Zealand that never gets snow, I mean really, never. I could see the snowcapped mountains in the distance every winter, looking west as I drove to work to check the peaks and see if there was snow up there and if we would be getting a really chilly wind that day. Its not a weird sight for me, but actually being IN the snow? That was the kind of mega adventure we would have as kids, if the snow came far enough down the mountains to be reachable by car, and we would get bundled up with our rarely worn gloves and hats and taken to play in the snow and build snowmen. That certainly wasnt every year, and in reality, the snow we could get to by car on a Sunday drive wasnt exactly a LOT of snow, now that I have something to compare it with. It was more like, patches of icy stuff in the shady parts of the valleys, sometimes deep enough to crunch underfoot, and not really enough to roll up into a ball without including quantities of leaves and forest floor debris. But it was still pretty exciting for kids who almost never saw snow except in Disney Christmas specials!

I did once or twice, as a teenager, end up at the Chateau, a pretty fancy hotel at the base of the Mount Ruapehu ski fields. Even venturing higher on the chair lifts. However those were times when there was in fact, not really much snow. It is still pretty exciting though, as its an active volcano, standing on that, with or without snow, is pretty cool! Those were the days when we used to all jam into the old Holden and, for lack of anything better to do, drive from Napier to Taupo (2 hours on a good day) for a burger, burning rubber to ACDC, Pink Floyd, and, depending on the driver of the day, occasional bouts of Neil Diamond; I Am I Said… because thats just how we rolled.

Ok, so my point is totally lost by now in nostalgic meanderings! My point is actually, I was feeling particularly blessed this morning, during our walk to school, with the ability to clothe myself and my kids in super warm stuff, handspun and handwoven scarves, that are so toasty warm you wouldn’t know it was winter, and yes, even hats, check this out! I made it 🙂 And not only do I get to do this, but we also get to actually wear all this stuff, which we wouldn’t have been doing back in NZ, except for the occasional expedition to the snow!

My second point, (which I just now made up) is that you should keep an eye out for my next newsletter, in which I will be sharing a woolwench version of a pattern for this hat, making pompoms, talking about 2013 workshops, and adding some yarnish eye candy for your viewing pleasure!

And if youre in the Southern hemisphere in swealtering heat and cursing my name for making you look at pics of fluffy chunky hats… you can get your revenge when its winter there by showing me all your warm winter woolies while I am in my tshirt and jandals. If you dont want to wait that long and my bulky knits are giving you the sweats just thinking about them, rub my nose in it and send me your blue skies and beach pics so I can see what I am missing!

Before I go, this is how the yarn started out:

And for a little extra nostalgia, and YES that was before my time of Taupo burger trips thank you very much! But still cool 😛




  1. It’s late at night in Napier and we just closed the doors to the deck, where we had our outdoor dinner, listening to the surf….Fresh sweetcorn, and strawberries after. 😉
    That archive film was super, although I’m not sure you can get that close to the craterlake and steam vents these days. And that swing bridge was not o.s.h. at all, if that lady had properly tripped, she would have been in the creek, hahaha.
    Good for you for doing more workshops, wish I could be there!

    • Oh sounds like you enjoyed a perfect HB evening 🙂 and i havent had fresh sweetcorn as good since we left there! I was really surprised at how they were just walking all over that thermal area in the film too! Even when I was little it was mostly all ‘only on the path’ in those areas. Cool to see though 🙂

  2. Great memories and meanderings, Suzy!! We’re still waiting for snow in Chicago.

  3. What a fantastic blog. Loved to hear all about your days in NZ. Love Love Love you hat! I can really relate to the excitement of actually being able to wear all the wooly goodies…that it is cold enough! The HAT is so cool, looks knitted sideways? and the long dangly strands…and the pom pom….just wonderful. AND the old film! so much fun. imagine dressing up like that daily. that’s just how my mom looks in her old photos…like I don’t….even on a good day!! wow, that ski run looks so beautiful. I used to ski, learned in college when I met my husband. We even went out west to Montana and New Mexico to ski…….yearsssss ago… beautiful….so fun….watching the skiing reminded me of that. Looking forward to the newsletter about the hat!

    • I wish I could ski! It looks so graceful 🙂 and I loved how the ladies are all dressed ap and glamorous in the video too, even for a day out walking in the middle if nowhere! Now that’s class 🙂

  4. OMG! Yes! The Disney specials! Believe it or not, we here in Holland, watched those too, longing for snow that could be rolled into snowmen on Christmas Day, but knowing it wasn’t going to happen 😉 The Disney snow is very different from the snow we got during most of my life 😉
    And I LOVE that hat! Now I want to knit with big needles and chunky yarn, too! What size needles was this?

  5. Thanks for the local pics. I like to see where people live.

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