Silk Glazing Yarn

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I am cross posting this from my other blog on, because I have also added this video tutorial into the Tutorials gallery here on my Woolwench site 🙂 There is  a bit of background:

Silk hankies, what to do with them?! This was a question I was asking myself back in 2013 when I first started wrapping textured yarns up in silk. My first experiments involved some eyelash yarn and a coil, you can read about it on the Majacraft blog, it was all started with a dream about cobwebs 🙂 “    

Since then I have continued to play around with materials and techniques to refine the process and see what else I could do with it. I did some ‘wrapping and trapping’, adding in felted nepps inside the layer of silk, this was fun and successful and looked great in a weaving. Silk is such a strong and grippy thread that it has a very wide range of versatility, and of course the colour potential and sheen always adds a zing to any yarn it is added in to.

Back then I did a very brief ‘this is how I did it’ video, so now I have consolidated the technique further I felt it was time to create a more comprehensive video showing you one way, the original way, to do it! I love to create a very architectural yarn as the base for silk glazing, because it creates a wonderful sculptural kind of texture for the glaze to adhere to.

Of course, this is just one way, you should also feel free to experiment with things like: silk glazing your singles and then plying to integrate the silk inside the yarn instead of outside it, Silk Glazing lockspun yarns, adding a light glaze of the same colour around any kind of yarn (the silk enhances the colour tremendously).

So with no further ado – here is my latest video tutorial: WoolWench Silk Glazing! I hope you enjoy it and give it a go!


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  1. What FUN! Thanks for the detailed video. Will definitely try this technique as part of my next weaving yarn collection!

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