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First of all, thank you SO much everyone who spent some time helping me and coming up with all the brilliant shop names! It was very hard to choose just one, I had already been toying with the idea of Woolwench Wares/Wears, I really really liked Esters suggestion of Woven Wench and Teri’s WoolWench Maid! I was very close to Carries KnottyWench too, a really fun name, as was Lorelei’s idea of ‘Woolwench Full of Knit’! That one totally cracked me up! WoolWench Handwerken was nice for incorporating the Dutch into the name, and I think it sounds quite classy too. And well.. there were just so many awesome names and I am incredibly grateful to everyone for making these fabulous suggestions.

In the end, As Virginia said, I decided it was best if I keep my WoolWench name in there, so it ties in well with my yarn shop and my Facebook and this Blog, and as Susan pointed out, simple is good. I like simple. I also wanted something that would be at least a little bit descriptive but still reflect something of me. So this is what I chose – and the batt goes to Fleuropean!! I couldnt let go of the whole idea of being ‘warped’ 🙂

The shop is going to be called: “Warped by WoolWench”

It just really appeals to my sense of humour, and that I also like to play with words, and of course, although the first items I will list have been knitted,  I will be eventually selling woven items in the shop, so having the warp connection is just perfect. Thank you Fleuropean! I will be in touch with you very soon!

Here is my first banner idea: subject to fickle and random change..



  1. Yaaay! Congrats E!! That is so cool! And AWESOME name!!

  2. Wonderful name!!

  3. Yes, great name!

  4. Yay! Haha! I’m so glad you liked the name! I thought it might have just the right amount of humor to suit your fun and colorful personality 🙂

  5. Good choice, love to see your warped products 🙂

  6. Perfectly fine choice!

  7. That so suits you!!! Good choice….

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