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Are you like me? A stack of books always within arms reach and yet you never seem to have the time to read them like you planned?

These are my constant companions, next to my laptop on the dining room table. They get put away when visitors come for dinner, then every time I bring them back out again from the depths of my desk piles, I plan in my head that I definately WILL get to read them this week, and if I just leave them where I can see them all the time, then I will take five minutes here and there, and soon I will have them read!

Of course

That doesnt happen.

Its either one of two reasons.

1. There are little grey men who visit my house and steal time away from it in order to stockpile it for their evil emperor who plans to take over the universe by using his hoard of time and making people pay megabucks to eek out even a few extra seconds a week while he has all the time in the world to sing dance and make merry at the expense of all our reading time.


2. I have piled myself up with too much stuff to do and have unrealistic expectations of how much of it I can get through in the time available for it.

I am starting to suspect that its not actually number 1, that it is really number 2, which kinda sucks because then I have to take some responsibility for it myself. Hmm. The upside however, of admitting this to myself, is that I can try to stop beating myself up over not having even opened these books for over a week. I am not being lame and simply allowing myself to be side-tracked too much so I dont get time to read, I am not the worlds least organised person who doesnt deserve to own books that I am too hopeless to actually read (therefore making them a waste of hard earned money). Its not just a matter of will-power and, dammit, it doesnt make me a failed would-be book reader just because I havent had time to read these.

I see three options. At least, if its not the Grey Men and the Evil Emperor causing this issue. If I bullet point these with more numbers it also makes me look more organised doesn’t it. Doesn’t it?

Option 1. Stop writing this post right NOW and read a book!

Option 2. Set aside some specific reading time and drop the unrealistic expectation that opportunistic reading snippets will ever occur.

Option 3. Do several things at once in order to achieve more and to ‘make’ more time. I am woman, I can multitask. Right? In fact, I could combine the otherwise brain-dead bubble bath time with the reading of at least one chapter per bath of the Grow Your Own Handmade Businesss book. Because I ‘would’ like to grow my own handmade business. And I would like to know how to do that. I am sure this book contains SECRETS.

I am also starting to wonder if the other parents would think I was super weird and a bit anti-social if I took a book with me to read while I wait for Lucca to come out of class at the end of the day. And if I would care if they did. (no probably not XD)

Well it does look like I have some options here 😀 Its not book fail yet!

I also want to browse the various fiber related magazines I have and spend some time in the advertisements looking up webpages for new supplies, resources, and contacts. I do need to be at the puter to do that (distraction city). I am going to schedule that into first coffee time each morning untill I have perused them all and am going to promise myself to not open Facebook OR my mail until I have done at least one magazine justice each day.

Do you want to know what prompted this?

Two things. Shall I bulletpoint them? XD

1. I had been planning to write a book review for you of the growing your own business book! And I cant do that till I have read it, of course.

2. I actually really hate (with a vengeance)  having clutter on my table, I can’t stand it. And yet, I am cluttering it up myself! ME! I can’t even tell off my kids and demand they pick up their mess, or complain about my husbands hoarder tendencies. This is really bad. But I am scared that if I put these things out of sight, out of arms reach, that I will forget to read altogether…

It just occured to me, at this point in my post, that I am rather making a big Mount Doom out of a little Molehill. *sigh*

What are your organisational hiccups like? How do you make time for these little things that turn into big things? You can use bullet points in your answers if you like ;D





  1. It takes a lot of magic to combat the Grey Men and the Evil Emperor!
    Which obviously are the culprit here.
    I like audio books also.
    And reading while you are waiting…for a pick-up…in line….probably not at a stoplight, you could forget where you are….
    One page a night, one day at a time……
    But definitely don’t give up blogging.

    • Thanks Susan! 🙂 One page at a time, thats a good way to look at it!

  2. Hmm, I still have to find my organisational way O.o I find lately also I haven’t been able almost to read anymore and then it’s not even sensible (;-P) books like yours, but just good ol’ novels. I don’t know yet how to remedy this. Do you haveahaveany bullet points for me? ;-P

    • Yes, I have one bullet point for you 🙂
      1. audiobooks. I listen to them when I paint murals and when I am spinning or weaving 🙂 Its restful and I get to hear the books (novels) that I used to read when I went to bed but am now too tired to read last thing at night!

      • I mean, not that I get to hear the same ones I used to read, I mean I get to hear new novels that I would ‘otherwise’ have been trying and failing to read when I go to bed ;P I must need to sleep now because I cant make sensible sentences anymore!

  3. Getting up earlier than the kids does seem like an option that works for many! But I have to admit to being a total night owl, and even with the best intentions in the world just dont seem to be able to get in bed early enough to get up early. 7am every day almost kills me 😛 Although I suppose what I do in the middle of the night is what you would do early in the morning. I like the idea of keeping all your fiber things and books in the one room, keeping it organised is even better, that must make it so much easier to pick up your projects too! Maybe I can organise that more effectively for myself 🙂

  4. My organisational system is this: I have piles. Not those piles! Piles of STUFF. If I can’t see it I won’t remember to do it, so I have piles of Things I Must Do all around the sitting room, waiting for me; staring at me. If I want a clear floor then I have to Do Stuff. It kinda works, sort of. perhaps because I live by myself and no-one else has to put up with it (this system was the bane of my mother’s life when I was a kid! We can laugh about it now…) Books and magazines are in these piles, somewhere… and now that my university art history course has started I have to do loads of reading for that, but mostly I do that at night before bed. As one of the first parts of my uni study a couple of years ago I had to sit down and have a good think about when I concentrate the best, under what circumstances, and for how long. This was so that I could allocate my reading to the best concentration moments. It works pretty well.

    • I did the same thing with my uni study too Virginia! Thats when I realised for sure that 2am was my optimum study time 😛

  5. When my children were young I always was up real early (5 a.m.) to get them up and ready things for school. It seems like that was soooo many years ago but my “mom brain” still gets up between 4 & 5 a.m. This is when I can do some stuff for me (read, knit, spin, watch the news) and feel like I’ve accomplished something before the “real day” starts. The real day starts at 7:30 and lasts until 4:30 when almost-3-yr-old toddler is here for Grammy and Grampy to care for. He still naps and I’m able to get to reading, knitting or spinning again and finish up by reading in bed in the evening.
    I keep all my fiber equipment, wools and yarns in one room so I have to keep it organized or I’d never find anything. I keep all my magazines and books in there too.

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