Presenting, the brand new first ever Louet Art Yarn Flyer!!

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Some excitement, especially for those of you with Louet S10s or pretty much any S model Louet wheel!  As you may already know, we previewed the Louet Art Yarn Flyer prototype at a recent WoolWench Workshop, with great success, and it attracted much interest! Now I am proud to present to you the official Louet video, made with myself and Patty Poot (Netherlands Louet Dealer) to show you the brand new flyer in its final state! This video will soon be on the Louet website, but I wanted to give you a premier right here on my blog. (Scroll down for the video)

I am really thrilled to be able to present this flyer to you for Louet, its been a while coming, but its going to transform all those trusty S10’s out there into bulky art yarn wheels instantly! It has a huge 3/4 inch orifice, a lovely smooth and rounded yarn guide that effortlessly directs your yarn to the equally smooth curved ring, and onto the big bulky size bobbin. I have spun quite a few different art yarns with this flyer, including the beehive coils that often, on other flyers, get slightly hung up on the guides and open up before they get to the bobbin. I like my coils to be tight and perfect! On this flyer I think I have spun my best ever beehive coils! They just slip through all the guides without a second thought so they arrive on the bobbin as compact as I spun them, I loved that!

As with all the Louet products, this has a smooth clean, modern design, it is highly functional, and best of all, super easy to use. It has three ratios so you get a pretty good range of twist and tension adjustment, it spins smoothly and is well balanced, and the guide ring adjustment system works quickly and easily. It fits both standard and bulky sized bobbins.

I think if you already have an S10 and want to use it to spin your art yarns, this is going to be an awesome addition to your equipment inventory! It will transform your wheel, you’ll be able to spin beads, bobbles, coils, all sorts of add-ins, that you wished you could do before and never could! If you are considering a new wheel, you now have the option of the amazing reliability of a standard Louet wheel, combined with the versatility of a bulky art yarn flyer, youre not going to ‘grow out’ of this wheel in a hurry thats for sure!

This flyer will fit most standard S10 models and most of the S model range from Louet, some design elements have changed over the years, so if you have a very, very old model you should check the sizing with your dealer first, but so far I have seen this flyer on several different S model wheels and its worked like a dream on all of them. We dont yet have an exact release date, but it will be early 2013, your dealer should know something fairly soon, let them know you’re interested!

I am very pleased and honoured to be able to demonstrate this flyer for Louet! I will also be discussing some additional plans for future activities with Louet and I am thrilled to be able to make this connection with such a well known and iconic Dutch spinning wheel manufacturer.

So without further ado! Here it is!



  1. Where can you pre-order if you are in the US by internet. The nearest louet dealer is 3 1/2 hours away and I dont drive.

  2. What is the diameter of the ring guide? The same as the orifice?
    That’s what I didn’t like about the Lendrum wheels, the orifice on the bulky flyer was big enough for even silk cocoons to pass through, but the yarn guide on the flyer was much smaller.

    • Hi Daniela, yes the ring guide is the same diameter as the orifice! I can imagine it would be pretty frustrating to have something fit through the orifice only to get stuck at the guide! gah! This Louet one also has the nice post guide behind the orifice too, its very smooth 🙂

  3. You did a WONDERFUL job Suzy! I am getting mine as soon as is out.. but shhhhh! lol
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. WAiting, waiting…… CAN NOT WAIT to order in a ton of these for the store!!!

  5. Brilliant! Well done!

  6. Thanks Silja! Also Kate, I just did a quick measurement, the space needed between the mother of all and the spindle holder to give the flyer enough clearance to spin is 3 inches, if you have that clearance I am pretty confident it will fit. I will post a photo on my FB page of the bit you need to measure.

    • Wonderful! It looks like I’ve met the 3″ clearance requirement (just!). Thank you! This is such exciting news!!!

  7. SO hoping this fits my 1970’s S10! How exciting!

  8. wohoo! I have told the owner of the Norwegian spinningstore to let me know when they will have this! And I posted it in a scandinavian spinninggroup on Facebook, and we are many that are REALLY excited about this! Great job Suzy!


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