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Hi everyone! Here we are on the Eve of our ‘Find your Inner Fiber Hero’ workshop, and for sure we will be finding those heros before we even touch the fiber, because its been snowing a LOT and just getting here for the workshop is going to be an heroic effort! I am wishing everyone a safe journey and you can be sure of a warm welcome, a hot cuppa, and some wicked fibers to play with when you get here XX

Number 2 on the list today – I want to start a new project, and this needs YOU! A couple of years ago I took part in a travelling canvas collaboration, me and 5 other artists shared a canvas! It travelled around the world, UK, US, Netherlands, and we ended up with an amazing and unexpected painting! It was so exciting to get the canvas in the post and see what the previous person had done on it! In that collaboration each addition was kept secret, and at the end there was a big reveal, it was really exciting to see the end result in its entirety.

So maybe you just saw I had posted about an idea for making a Travelling Hat Collaboration, well being me, a think it-do it kinda person, I was a bit quick off the mark, I had totally forgotten a conversation I had with someone a few days ago about doing something else along these lines. The idea was different but with a very similar concept. So now I am here to let you know that the project will go ahead, but I need to work on some details with this person! She is an amazing spinner and dyer, and I really dont want to miss the opportunity to work with her, that would be insane, so let us work out some more details and add some cool extra stuff to this project and turn it into something even BIGGER than my single sieve-like brain can work out on its own, something global, something that has its roots in the big picture, because clearly, I have been too busy for optimum brain function and not organised enough to do this on my own!

So watch this space, those of you have have already sent in your willingness to participate and postal addresses, I will keep you on the list and contact you directly as soon as the details are worked out!


  1. Oooh! Could I be put on the list?

  2. Best of luck to you today, my dear friend! And, put me on the list to add to the hat. XO, Arlene

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