Photographing the Yarn with WoolWench

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Its here at last! I finished the little ebook I was writing! It started out as an idea, having enjoyed compliments from lots of people about my yarn photos in my Etsy shop, I thought that it might be really useful for others if I shared what I had found out!

This is actually my second Etsy shop, the first is still there but I sadly have very little time to look after it! My first shop contains my artwork, dolls, cards, bits and pieces. I learned HUGE amounts from setting up and running this shop. I learned about getting into treasuries, about how vital good photos are to successful selling, about branding, and about telling stories. ‘Etsy’ people were saying over and over ‘tell a story, people want to hear the stories behind what they are buying’ – sure it makes the whole thing a unique and intimate process, I could understand that! But what they never said was HOW to do that! Gah. And clearly in my first shop, whatever that all was, I wasn’t doing it. So when I set up my new yarn shop, it was with some specific ideas about what ‘should’ work, how I wanted to create a ‘cohesive’ look, and what I wanted to convey with my photography.

I think it mostly worked, there is still a lot of room for improvement. But this is the cool thing about having an online store – finding ways to connect to people on a more personal level, and overcome the obstacle of distance to make that connection.

So I wrote a little book that got bigger.

Ok dammit, I just talk too much XD I got started and I couldnt stop! I hope you enjoy it and find something you can use from it. Please feel free to share it – and if so please share the Videos and Books page so people can download it here, rather than sharing the book itself, I love to have people come by themselves, maybe they will stop and say hi 😀

Suzy xx


  1. Yaaay! Awesome book! 😀

  2. he he – if you’ve got plenty to say, go with the flow! Thanks so much for making this fabulous e-book available for free, I hope you’re ok with me mentioning it in the next Hand Spinning News, I’m sure it’ll be of great interest to many readers.

    • Hi Peahen 🙂 I am so pleased to be able to offer something that might be useful, I know how hard it is to get set up with an online shop! I’d be thrilled with a mention in the Hand Spinning News, I just bookmarked you – awesome site, its going to be one of my new haunts online now 🙂

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