Most Splendiforous Giveaway Post!!!

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Wow – over 4000 likers on my Facebook page?! I am so honoured to be able to share my obsession love of fiber with so many people. The whole thing is sometimes a little like a runaway train, I dont know where its heading but I am happy to be on it with so many friends. And its such a great enabler, I really like this technology and its ability to shrink the world and put us in contact with each other so effortlessly (well on a ‘good’ facebook day anyway!). It allows me to share ideas, get feedback, its a mutual inspiration source, and the fiber eyecandy found online often leaves me speechless, in a good way.

So to celebrate this new landmark in community I would love to share my newest project with you! There will be TWO CHOICES in this giveaway, because although I find it difficult to admit, I am aware that not everyone spins or wants to spin, and I dont want you to miss out πŸ™‚ So one choice is for spinners and fiberistas, and the other choice is for people who love to knit or crochet or even felt!


Did you all see the big trend right now with the blending boards? To make art rolags to spin from? Of course you did, if you have the internet you cant have missed it!Β Theyre awesome right. Well coming soon I will beΒ making blending boards for sale, hand painted and decorated by me and using the excellent quality Louet Carding cloth!

So my giveaway shall be one of my first hand painted WoolWench design blending boards!!!

I will be selling these in two versions, one plain undecorated, at an awesome price, and one a bit more expensive model that’s decorated in my own design, each will be a unique piece of art, individually created to order. And I will be giving away a painted board!Β  Most boards I have seen online are selling for at least $120, so even though my board is going to be quite a basic board in terms of function, it WILL be pretty and with the Louet carding cloth, you know its going to work really well to blend your fibers and last you a long time! Β I am excited about these and I really want to share and not be the only one thats excited! πŸ˜›

These are a combination of two of my all time favourite things, fiber stuff and painting. I cant wait to get them made and using them and in my shop!


And if youre not a spinner… and would like something that isnt a blending board, I would be more than happy to use my own blending board to make some pretty rolly rolags to spin into a big skein of art yarn for you!! Β I will make it a super special art yarn, you tell me if you want thick and crazy textured or a smoother finer yarn with more yardage – your choice πŸ™‚

Heres an example of what rolags look like;


So to enter the draw!! Leave a comment here, share the post, tell me what you love about wool and what you like to make with it πŸ™‚ Lets celebrate! Check back in a week and I should have pics for you of the finished boards, including the giveaway prize πŸ™‚ Also, keep it in mind, if you dont win but you do live in or handy to Holland, Patty and I are going to be running a DIY blending board workshop where you can make your own and share my paints, you’ll get your own board for much less than the cost of buying a pre-made one. Thats always cool huh.

I will keep the giveaway open for two weeks, and will post updates as I build the boards. Remember to leave your entry on this page though ok?

-Just a quick edit to say – the draw will be random and taken from the comments on this page, I use a WordPress plugin to choose the winner. I wish I could give one to everyone though!

Good luck!!

Edit 10 March – progress!



  1. This would be amazing!!!! Have a hand painted blending board from WoolWench!!!! So excited!!!!!

  2. I love wool! It is so warm and comfy. I love spinning the yarn for hats, scarves, mitts and neckwarmers. Playing with dye is so much fun. I have been looking at the Fiber blending boards out there and WANTING one in a big way. I wish I could come to one of your workshops to make my own! I can’t wait to see what your boards look like.

  3. OH YAY!! Congrats!!! I will be proud to share this! I hope you get to 5000 because of it!! Then maybe another giveaway! WooHoo!! LOL Sorry, I haven’t even gotten to try spinning again yet. So I would like one of your TOTALLY AWESOMENESS yarns to use!!! Or I might just sit it on my desk and use it as inspiration!!!! <3 πŸ˜‰

  4. The question for me is *what’s not to love about wool*! I love the smell of it! I love being able to dye and create beautiful colored creations! Spinning would be my favorite of the process with crocheting a close second! I really really love creating art yarns! Using them in scarfs is to die for!

    A blending board?! Oh man….I can’t wait!!

    Shared on Pinterest!

  5. Oh my goodness! What a crazy cool giveaway!! Congrats on the 4000 likes, holy cripes!
    What I love especially about wool is how vibrant it makes colours and the texture! It’s like nothing else. I also love its versatility. I’m quite a new fiber addict and so far I can only crochet. But my addiction is so strong that I already know I can’t wait to learn how to spin and felt.
    So, however much I’m addicted to your yarns, I’m going to opt (if I win, ha!) for the board.
    A haind painted one will look so amazing!

  6. I love WOOL……….. and i have just started to use my grandmothers old spinning wheel. A blending board is perfect for me. I shared this on Facebook.

  7. wow, your rolags are so pretty

  8. Handspun yarn = sheepy goodness; the smell of home πŸ™‚

  9. I love one of your blending boards!
    What truely is there not to love about wool! I just washed a Leicester fleece and just the wonderful wet wool smell gets me inspired! My birthday is in 12 days and wow what an awesome gift one of your blending boards would be β™₯ I spin, felt, dye and knit

    • Happy birthday for soon Pauline!

  10. What’s not to love about wool? πŸ™‚ I love the versatility of different breeds so much that I use wool for lots of different things. I made my son (now 4) a silk and wool baby jacket before he was born. Hand spun and all heathered colours. My “trawl everywhere” projects at the moment are socks and I’m spinning some yarn for a pair of knee-highs for my daughter.

  11. MY HUSBAND JUST TOLD ME he’s not attracted to me anymore and wants to separate…so…if I win, I would make something beautiful and comforting, just for me. I love wool for the warmth, looks, and I really love to knit with wool. Thank you sooo much for sharing. You will make the winner extremely happy. Peace.

    • oh wow, so sorry Mary! Wishing you much comfort indeed..

      • Thank you sooo much for your well wishes:) I will get through this:) I forgot to mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you create!!! My tastes indeed!!

    • OMG! Mary, I’m so sorry! Lots of love to you in this time!

      • Thank you Deidre:)

  12. I love the elasticity, especially when you spin it yourself. Handspun is so springy and awesome. I like to make hats and cowls. Those are the two things I wear the most.

  13. i was introduced to the art of spinning by my girlfriend. first of all i thought, what most men probably think… its for girls, but i now love it, I have Multiple sclerosis and i find spinning wool a therapy, the feel of the wool in your hands, the relaxing sound the wheel makes when spinning and the sense of acheivement you get when you have created the yarn

    • Its super cool to have a fiber brother here too!

  14. Wow, amazing give away! Of course I have to join πŸ™‚
    What I love about wool is that it is so soft, so warm and so versatile! The different kinds of wool can be used for almost anything. I use wool for a lot of things, and I am one of those that always checks the tags on garments/items I buy to check if it contains wool…. I like to dye it, spin it, knit it and wear it! πŸ™‚

  15. I would LOVE a blending board. It is even better that it would be created by you! One more step toward my dream studio…

  16. Nothing would please me more than to own a one of a kind, wool wench painted blending board! I just spun up some fiber off a blending board and it was amazing!! What i love about wool? The warmth, the squishiness, the crimpiness, the coziness!!! Love wool and love dyeing, spinning, and freeform crocheting with it!!

    • ooh I could paint something really wild on a board for you Heather, to match your awesome hats πŸ™‚

  17. Wow! those look like little furry unicorn horns. I have never spun from rolags before, but it sounds awesome.

    • haha furry unicorn horns! I love it! πŸ˜€

  18. I so admire all the unique and lovely fiber work you do! Like you I love wool and how it can be dyed and blended in so many ways and used like a painter does a canvas. I’m a spinner,Saori weaver and lover of all things wool.

    • yay another Saori weaver!

  19. I love the blending boards and have wanted one for some time. What isn’t there to love about wool. You can do just about anything with it and the colors pop from it. Not sure what I would make with the wool offered. I’m the type that it has to speak to me to tell me what it wants to become. (I know silly) but that’s just how I roll. Maybe a bonnet or slippers. I made a couple shawls that people have fallin’ in love with and it lasts forever.

  20. Oops, I mean, what I love about Wool!

  21. OH MY…having a blending board with your artwork..would be fabulous!! let me see…why do I love wool..let me count the ways.. feel..texture..ability to take dye.. to spin and make yarn of my design.. these are just a few of my favorite things!!! bless you for being so very generous with your talent..

  22. Rolags – I LOVE rolags – they are so fun to play with! I love your yarns and would definitely pick it if I win.

    What I love about yarn… There are a million things, but first and foremost is the inherent nature of it – what it does naturally when stimulated with soap, water, pressure and friction. It is such an amazing natural resource!!!!!

  23. i was introduced to the art of spinning by my girlfriend. first of all i thought, what most men probably think… its for girls, but i now love it, I have Multiple sclerosis and i find spinning wool a therapy, the feel of the wool in your hands, the relaxing sound the wheel makes when spinning and the sense of acheivement you get when you have created the yarn.

  24. i love wool, its texture the smell, i love using eco friendly materials to spin, felt and create. this is very important to me a i feel a deep connection with OUR Mother Earth. To blend on one of your boards would be heavenly, you truly are an inspiration…..

    • that connection with mother earth, thats also very important to me too Gemma <3

  25. Oh my god me me me! Pick me! What do I love about wool…….? I love everything, the warmth, the blank canvas to create colour, how it spins onto my wheel, the endless possibilities of what the finished product will be….I love everything about the whole process of getting the fleece from the sheep to knitting the spun and dyed yarn into something beautiful and/or useful.

  26. “Behind closed eyes, colors fade and blend into beautiful new creations. Fate is left at the shaking hands of our imaginations. Places new and amazing, faces remain unseen. How, then, does our heart feel as if racing in the anticipation of a dream?” –Unknown

    Oh, how I would love a hand painted blending board. My heart racing in anticipation!

  27. the above comment actually came out of my mouth LOL…Oh man , what I wouldn’t do to get my hands on Wool Wenches rolags…LOL What a generous giveaway I would be happy to win anything πŸ™‚ Cheers and Thank you for the chance to win!

  28. I am a knitter/crochet who is just learning to spin, so either choice would be great for me. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! I love the way wool feels as I work with it, kind-of squishy and soft but also strong. It’s hard to describe lol!

  29. What a wonderful generous offer! A custom blending board would be beyond wonderful! Being new to spinning, everything is new to me and I am having a ball! The smell of wool, wool bits all over my floors and clothing, dye spots here and there, wool fibers in my food…it all seems to natural now. What a fun experience this all is!

  30. You do such beautiful work in any capacity, and I think a blending board would make an awesome addition to my collection of toys!

  31. A blending board by you? Yes! I look forward to your FB posts daily. Best way to start my day in the US. Thanks for being such an awesome ambassador for fiber arts.

  32. I love wool for the way it feels in my hands as I’m spinning and then knitting and the littlke bit of sheepy smell!! One of your blending boards would be simply wonderful!!

  33. I would love to have a such a unique piece in my home and studio <3 I've really enjoyed watching your Etsy store and seeing the beautiful things you create. I tried using a drum carder before but never really got into it – it was too clunky and big and I never seemed to have enough *stuff* to make a good batt with it. I think a blending board would be a great compromise to that πŸ™‚

    Anyways, you know I love spinning. πŸ™‚ And one day I hope to have enough space to get a triangle loom and make some shawls!

  34. CONGRATS!! first of all on your 4000 likes…holy cow! i cant wait till i can get that many :O) I love all fiber really but wool is my fav…i love to spin from thick to thin core no core i just like feeling it go through my hands and letting it be something great :O) it is the best thing in the life of a fiber artist i think…..i have a few skeins that just hang out in a basket so i can drool over them…..

  35. I would love to have some more of your talent in my humble home!!!! Love the batts I have purchased. The blending board would give me another toy to play with before spinning. What do I like about wool? The luciousness of the colours. The smooshiness of the yarn and also the smell. It is almost like catnip for me hehe

  36. I love that word “Splendiforous”. I love playing with wool and always looking for inspiration. You provide that! Thank you! I would love to get my hands on some of your art yarn homespun to have some in home inspiration!

  37. Oh boy! This is an awesome giveaway!! I am just getting into spinning and would love a blending board – and one also painted by you is an amazing bonus!! πŸ™‚

  38. I would love a blending board, especially one handmade and decorated by one of my favorite fiber artists! I would treasure it and use it often.

    • Oh, what do I love about wool? I love seeing the color of the wool after I get the lanolin and mud out, Sometimes it’s so pretty I decide not to dye it, but most things hit the dye-pot. I could kettle-dye wool all day! I’m impatiently waiting for winter to let up so I can dry my locks outside. I adore drum-carding, but my old Fricke carder is on it’s last legs. Blended rolags would be an ideal way for me to keep making crazy yarns.

  39. Is there anything NOT to love about wool? πŸ˜‰ I am intrigued by the blending board and would love to make art rolags to spin from! And what a bonus to have one decorated by you to play with! Thanks so much for the opportunity. You are a generous soul!

  40. Your energy and creativity never cease to amaze me. Your posts make me smile. I love to spin, crochet, needle felt, and oh mama! A blending board would be splenderrific!!!!!

    • lol another great word!!

  41. OMG I Think you are so talented, i look up to you..Would so love to win anything from you!

  42. I love wool because it is perfect for creating and perfect for keeping warm! Would love to win!!! The beauty I could create would just make me happy!

  43. What a lovely way to roll out a new product! Your work is always exquisite, and I can’t wait to see pics of the painted blending boards.
    What i love about wool is the endless variations on a theme that are possible with it, and the fact that is it natural, renewable, and supports a vast array of people, from the shepherds to the fiber mills, and everyone in between. I love that wool has so long been a part of human history and that it creates such a strong thread to tie us human beings so directly to our ancient past. Yay!!! Wool!!

  44. Splendid idea, I read about these lovely blending boards and yours are going to be even more special.I would love to enter the draw for one please.

  45. Oh I love wool because it gives something extra to my alpaca fibers from my animals. There are so many things I would spin with wool and alpaca! The blending board would be a great addition so I can blend alpaca and wool to make the most luxurious yummy yarn! Love your site! πŸ™‚

  46. Ik zou het geweldig vinden om een give away van jou te ontvangen. Hoe groot moet je als fan wezen??? Waarom ik van wol hou? What I love about wool? It’s chocolate for my mind!

  47. ooo! I would love to get a fiberblending board made by you!
    What I love about wool? As Arlene says everything! There is a wool out there for anything you want to do when it comes to make stuff. You can pick and choose coarse/fine, lustre, length, crimp and all sorts of other amazingness! And as I said, you can do anything with wool!

  48. I adore your work, and blog! A blending board would be awesome!!

  49. I think your spinning is amazing so no matter how much I would love a blending board I am so tempted to say the handspun! You totally inspire me to try more and do more! I love wool in all its forms and I love spinning and knitting and crocheting, I have so far avoided the temptation of weaving, but that’s just because I don’t understand it!

    • Kerry, weaving is much easier than you’d imagine, I bet I could make you a convert with some extra temptations πŸ˜›

  50. Oh, man…what I wouldn’t give to win a blending board decorated by you!!!! What I love about wool…is everything…