Manic Dynamic Majacrafters – Magic made on Looms!

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A little while ago, we (Esther, Donni, and Me) started up our new Manic Dynamic Majacrafters Facebook Group especially for those of us lucky enough to have our own Majacraft Dynamic Heddle loom to play with, (and those aspiring to have one). Since we started this group it has grown and grown in a most splendid fashion! We are up to over 160 members, and the creativity I see within the group is just fantastic and so inspirational.  I love it that the pieces people are making are all so incredibly different, unique, and very diverse, everyone has their own touch and special approach to working on their looms.

So I thought it was a very interesting thing to highlight this idea of individuality and uniqueness by setting up a challenge for everyone! And the challenge? Make a piece in which the focus was on texture and form, rather than colour, so using the same tonal range within each piece, and working on developing ways of varying the weaving through creating surface design. I thought this might really highlight the unique approaches to the constructions and techniques used when creating these works of art.

The results were stunning!

I have gathered up some examples here of work from our group members. Its eye candy. Its brain boost. Its simply manically marvellous 🙂 I love each piece!


First, a pic of the piece made by a special friend who lives here in Holland too, Brigitte. These are totally ‘her’ colours 🙂 and I especially adore the way she has used the coils to make texture in the weft.


Next is an image of some stunning textural elements created by Mary of Fiber Creek Farm, theres a lot going on in this piece but that is balanced beautifully by her choices of natural shades.fiber creek farm mary

This next gorgeous piece is from Tracie , I just love the colour, its so light and dreamy, and her use of contrasting textures and open weave really adds to that quality. 

tracie rosa herkner


Now here is a very striking and dramatic item made by Robyn Betts from some amazingly black Alpaca fleece. She has also used some wonderful texture contrasts, and made a diva of a drapey scarf. I could see myself wearing this one ALL winter. Ahem 😉



What follows now is another wonderful, made in Holland, piece from Karen Bruinsma, her ‘Waterfall’ scarf, which combines some beautiful aqua blue shades with some very pretty textures and her clever use of the little felted neps that she created for this too. I must learn how to do that! Its awesome.

karenThe next image is from Rahel Hecht, who is creating some really stunning weavings on her Dynamic Heddle loom. In this piece she has chosen some lovely subtle natural shades and designed this gorgeous scarf that really shows off the beauty of the fibers used.

rahel hecht



So, are you inspired??! I am! I loved that this challenge brought such a variety of ideas and images to the group, shared images are not just to show what can be done, but also to inspire, delight, amaze, and spark more ideas and creativity. I am very grateful that members were willing to share their work with everyone, I know this can sometimes be a bit daunting! But one of the things I have noticed is that any doubts about sharing are quite overthrown by the sheer excitement we are all experiencing in our weaving journeys, the discoveries we are making, the possibilities in this loom that we are exploring, and the joy that it brings when we have created something totally new with our own hands 🙂

Thank you everyone for your participation and helping to grow our FB group into a community where we can share the joy together.




  1. I have recently started weaving saori style and just love it. Each piece I make is unique and versatile. I have never enjoyed my weaving as much as I do now using this technique.

  2. We (my daughter and I) are so fortunate to be getting one of these looms! I spin art yarn and just cannot wait to give it a try!!!! These samples are beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  3. Truly inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wowee! These are stunning!

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