Louet Art Yarn Flyer for the S10?! Yes!!

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Firstly – I am also working on a Workshop post so I can share with you all the amazing yarns that were made right here in my living room on Saturday! What a wonderful bunch of women with wheels it was, and the creative energy was amazing! I am just waiting on some photos to give you a really nice visual impression, and then I will make the post later today or tomorrow morning, so watch this space for some serious eye candy!

In the meantime however, I have something really REALLY exciting to share with you, and I cant tell you how thrilled to bits I am to be able to do it!

There are some major advantages to being in the right place at the right time, and knowing the right people, and I am lucky enough to have gotten all those things happily together so that I can today, right here, share with you some exciting news from Louet! Yes! They have JUST released their brand spanking new, first ever, ART YARN FLYER  prototype for the Louet S10!!

I know a wonderful woman who lives right here in the Netherlands, Patty Poot. She sold me my gorgeous Saori Loom, and she is also a Louet Dealer. She was kind enough to bring this totally new prototype along to the workshop I hosted for us to see and try out! She has spent some months following up the progress of this flyer with the Louet company, who  responded brilliantly to her suggestions in making this excellent addition to the very popular Louet S10 (and S17) wheel, they have clearly put a lot of thought and practical design into this flyer. And it all came together at just the right time for its very first ever world debut right here during my Inner Fiber Hero Workshop on Saturday!!

And to add even more to the happy coincidences, one of the spinners attending our workshop had driven a long way to get here, with her Louet S10, and on arrival realised she had everything, except the flyer! SO of course, the prefect timing for the art yarn flyer to come out of its pristine box and set up on its first S10 experience outside of the factory or Pattys’ house, its first public showing, and filling in during a time of dire need. Guess what, it was awesome, and the other example Patty had brought along was soon installed on another S10 as well and was seriously flying in every sense of the word. Check out this really beautiful yarn spun by Peti on her now permanently art yarn flyer equipped wheel.  Yep, Patty sold both these flyers on the spot as it was instantly obvious that once on the wheels, no one wanted to take them off 😀 

So basically, if you have an S10 (or , and if you are interested in using it to spin some bulkier, bobblier, crazier arty yarns, you should  seriously take a good look at this flyer. Its the prototype that has a couple more tweaks coming, but its already working brilliantly and I can see will be as practical and reliable as everything else the Louet company makes! It has a big orifice (7/8″) and makes use of the standard Louet Bulky Bobbin which will hold 250-400 gr of yarn and its ratio’s are 6.2:1, 5:1, and 4.2:1. If you want to know more about this flyer, get in touch with Patty directly via her Facebook Page or you can send an email to Patty.poot(at)gmail.com


Now, thanks to modern technology,  you can also see this flyer in action! Heres a little peek at the first spinning, and watch this space, Jan Louet, Patty, and I are very excited to soon be bringing you a much more indepth look at the flyer and what you will be able to spin with it!!


  1. What is the price and where can I buy one?

  2. I have a very old louette S10, will it fit on that one too?

    • I believe it will Karen, the sizing should be standard. It will give that wheel a whole new life!

  3. Can’t wait to get one! Sooooo excited for my Louet! 🙂

  4. My dear Louet wheel (S17) is my little workhorse!! This was my first wheel and was advertised as “economical”. I have 2 regular bobbins plus a high speed bobbin plus the attachable swift on top. Love that wheel!!

  5. The wheel in the video doesn’t look like an S10 to me.

    • The first one is the S10, but youre right, I am pretty sure the second one is the S15, which would also answer Moniques question!

      • oops nope, the S10 was here and the flyer was on it but its not in the video! The first one in the video is the S15?! so the second one is an s75. Phew 🙂 The great thing is that it shows how very interchangeable this flyer is going to be!

  6. Ik remember asking Louët a few years ago whether they were interested in thinking about a flyer with a large orifice and they were not, saying there was no demand for it. Good that they changed their opinion now at least. Pity I stopped using Louët wheels altogether, This looks interesting; simple and good, which is what I used to love about Louët.

    • They make good dependable stuff dont they! I guess they can see now how much demand has grown for these!

  7. I am soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Leuk zeg, weet je waarschijnlijk ook de prijs van die mooie flyer? En zou hij ook op een S15 passen?

    • Monique I just checked with Patty and she says “If the s15 is bobbin lead and fits the s10 flyers, then it should fit the new art flyer.” I think Patty is planning on joining our monthly Spingroep and I am sure she can bring one for you to try out and see if it fits! No definite price yet.

  9. Wow! That is a lot of jargon I didn’t understand, lol! But I’m all excited!! Heeeee!!

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