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Time is an issue. Theres never enough of it when you’re busy, or way too much of it if you happen to be somewhere you don’t want to be. Half the time its the wrong way around, especially when you have friends and family on the other side of the planet and something you just neeeeeed to tell them when actually its 4am there and theyre not gonna wake up just because you have this THING. It flies when you’re having fun and never just lets you reset it back to an hour ago and have that all over again, and yet it has no problem compressing a year or twos worth of memories into one little blurry block that feels like it was done and over in a week. And did you ever get that feeling when you arrive back from a holiday and it eerily feels like you never left? Time can rip you off.

But fear not, this isnt going to degenerate into a simple rave about negative stuff, this is actually going somewhere.


Thats where!

I have decided that the trick is multi-tasking but in a kind of, one thing at a time way. Like taking multiple realities, and living in all of them, but not all at the same time, hopping between them, except, this isnt multiple realities is it? Its more like… multiple time streams.

I know. But I can make this work.

So if I can just ‘imagine’ that in one of those multi-time streams, I have already completed everything on my to do list, suddenly things get better. I can relax, safe in the knowledge that at least one version of me, somewhere in this space time continuum multi level reality flow, HAS done enough to be able to sit back and watch a movie and finish Bioshock Burial at Sea on the xbox. At which point, I can imagine I am in THAT time zone thingy and can do that too. No guilt.

Trust me, it’ll all ย work out.

But the most important thing, the THING thats been taking all my available time from both this and other levels of time reality, is THIS thing, or rather TWO THINGS. Two brand new ebooks in the shop... oops make that THREE!

The first and my favourite is one I just finished writing, on one of my favourite fibery subjects- BLENDING COLOUR! There are so many wonderful things about blending colours in fiber, all the subtle mixes, the amazing effect of seeing all the individual coloured fibers close up yet from a distance they form this beautiful blended colour, and its just plain exciting to almost magically create an entirely new colour by mixing up some bits of fluff. Did I say I love colour blending? So yes, I am really excited about this book, it covers different types of blending and creating colour effects in fiber, as well as a bunch of different tools and how to use them. And the coolest thing, instructions and record sheets so you can make your own colour exploration record book! Its like a self guided journey through a rainbow ๐Ÿ™‚

Its at the top of the Shop page on and there are a few sample pages to view there as well. It has lots of eye candy and I really loved writing it and doing the blending and photos to fill it up with.



Then there is the other blending book that I finished last week, this time something exotic, something super squish – Blending Luxury Fibers. This is also in the shop (with a free preview) and inludes notes on each fiber that I selected to focus on (there are six in this book) which include Cashmere, Baby Camel, and Yak among others. The notes tell how to handle the fiber, how to process it ready for spinning, and something about blending, because.. who can resist something like a Silk – Baby Camel – Alpaca blend? This book takes a mad scientist approach to exploring different blends and mixes using only luxury fibers, with several kinds of record sheets ready for you to print, fill in, and attach your samples to – so if you ever wanted to experiment, this might be just the thing you need!



The third book is a totally free ebook on Brand development and Photography, its been available here on my website for a while, but I thought it was time to send it out into the big wide world, so there it is! It contains both some eye candy, some detailed photography setup tips for well lit photos day or night as well as digital processing. It also has a whole big section on branding and developing your online ‘image’. I hope you will find something of use.


So thats pretty much where my time as been for the last while! I had a lot of ‘now’ moments one after the other (amazing, right?) and the culminated in some THINGS. I hope you will also enjoy them ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I was thinking about time today too, frustrated only one day left of the 3 day weekend and all I still want to get done; I saw a quote that said “There are many things we don’t have in life but time isn’t one of them”. At first I resisted that and said, “Oh no I never have enough time” but it got me thinking about a class I’m taking in mindfulness, how we are usually spending our time thinking about the past or racing to the future and how little time we spend aware and focused on the present moment. So I will try to stay focused today and really experience the yarn I’m spinning (oh and of course buying your new ebook!, oops, getting ahead of myself again) Thanks for a great post and I know I’ll enjoy the books, too

    • thats really the best way sometimes, just to be in the moment ๐Ÿ™‚ Must remember to do that too

  2. Hi Suzy, before I purchased I wanted to be sure these won’t be part of the Journey materials so I don’t double buy. Can’t wait to read them either way!

    • Its all new stuff Randi! So none of this is in the Module materials from Golden Fleece ๐Ÿ™‚

    • In fact Randi, much of what is in these ebooks are things I teach at workshops, I have often had people ask me about this kind of stuff when they cant attend workshops (often because of being on the other side of the planet!), so this is one of the ways I thought of to share the cool stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi, Just tried to buy the colour blending book and the link only takes you to the paypal home page you log in but it then just goes to your individual home account page there is no purchase of your ebook. Could you please adjust your link. Thanks

    • Hi Heather, its all fixed! Thanks for letting me know ๐Ÿ™‚

      • You are welcome!

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