Knit and Crochet Day

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This weekend was one of the larger Knit and Crochet weekends in Holland, held in a fairly unique location in Amersfoort, an old city in the middle of the country. The venue was a storage place for old train carriages, which provided a really interesting background for all the amazing yarns and fibers on sale there.  It was a pretty busy day but I did take a wander  around the many stalls and, rather than rave on about everything I saw there , I am going to take you on a bit of a photo tour so you can see it too.

Starting with some yarn eye candy, I loved these colours!breidag (1)breidag (3) Some Crochet circles

breidag (4)breidag (5)breidag (6) British wool and cute lambies..breidag (7)breidag (8)breidag (9) Hand dyed yarns from Alet (TextielWerk Wol en Zo) breidag (10) and the wonderful colours of Landscape Dyesbreidag (11) The Overdrive in the Wild..breidagand my SINGLE but irrestistable purchase of the day from Penelope Craft!

I have the idea that no matter where you are in the world, if you attend your local yarn fairs, this will all be a familiar scene, full of colour, pretty fluff and fibers, and lots of chatting and meeting old friends and new. Can only be great!


  1. Mooie aankoop, prachtige kleuren!

  2. Is that Suzy aura? I love they way they presents their wool and all…

    • yes thats my Aura 🙂 isnt it pretty!

  3. they say a picture is worth a thousand words so thanks so much for the tour! What fun to see the variety and color of the yarns, I feel like I got to take a vicarious trip –thanks so much!

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