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Making a quick post today to share some news. And if youre in the Netherlands, or hailing distance of, you might just want to jump at an opportunity here! June this year sees the return of Esther Rodgers (Jazzturtle) to our flat lands for more amazing workshops! Extra special for me this year because I will also be there to assist her during the FOUR DAY fiber extravaganza! The lovely Alet has been busy organising an amazing stay for us at a wonderful location of Mennorode in the middle of the Veluwe natural park area (which is gorgeous), and the cost includes full board during the workshop duration (OMG and materials too!), so the fun doesnt have to stop at the end of the workshop day (YAY!).


Esther is a wonderfully talented fiber artist from the US, she is especially known for her amazing extreme tailspun yarns, and I know first hand just how awesome her fantastically textured batt making is. Like me, Esther has also been caught by the weaving bug too, and is producing some incredible constructions with handspuns. During her stay here we will be covering two workshops, the first at the beginning of the week is designed for beginning art yarn spinners, people who are ready to expand their spin horizons, try out lots of new techniques, create their own very expressive yarns and learn some principles of art yarn design. Esther has a great program and I will also be there to assist during class so you can be really sure of loads of personal attention, this is a great opportunity to really get to grips (ok maybe not literally!) with your fibers and start experimenting with sculpting them to your will!  The second set of workshop days are designed for more advanced art yarn spinners, more technique sharing, trouble shooting, and a move into weaving too! (YES I am excited about this!) Esther is incredibly creative and innovative, I think its fabulous that we can share time and some of that creativity with her in such fabulous way!

Ok, details: Here’s the program!

Workshop 1   (Friday 28th of June : 17.00  to Sunday 30 June 15.00)

18.00 Dinner Buffet
19.30 Programme and start workshops till 21.30 hours

Saturday 29 and Sunday 30: carding techniques on several types of carders and blending boards, lots of spinning techniques like core spinning, tail spinning etc.

We will work till 15.00 on Sunday, show and tell.

Workshop 2 is for the advanced art yarn spinner. Sunday 30th of June: 17.00 to Tuesday 2 July 15.000 (or maybe even a day longer if people want!)

After the welome at 17.00 the program is the same as from workshop 1. There will be more carding and art yarn spinning techniques and we are going to start weaving with the yarns, on several looms like the Majacraft Dynamic heddle loom, knitters looms, Saori looms, and other table looms. There is time for dyeing wool, silk and yarns.

The price for the workshop includes stay in Mennorode, all inclusive, the workshop fees, use of the wheels, carders, the Landscapes dyes, all the materials, so all inclusive € 260,00

Opgave bij: Alet Tienpont textielwerk@gmail.com  of Suzy Brown suzy@WoolWench.com

Deelname is definitief na betaling. Opgave vanaf vandaag !

I am really looking forward to working with Esther during these workshops, she is loads of fun to hang with, has a great store of fiber knowledge and shares this easily with students during her workshops. If you have the possibility to come and stay for a few days, this will be sure to be a fantastic start to your summer! So much to learn!

If for some crazy reason you absolutely can’t make it to either of these workshops, ok dont stress too much, you can check out my workshops page for other possibilites, this year I am also giving workshops here in Soest, and more are in the planning stage right now at other venues! But you know what, I am always here! And if you don’t see exactly the workshop on my schedule that you would like to attend, you can always ask me and we can set something up. But Esther is here just ONCE this year, and I think this is going to be a fabulous combination of hanging with Jazzturtle and sharing her knowledge and inspiration during the day, then enjoying meals together and having the evenings to talk and laugh and make new bonds. Its totally not to be missed! I hope I am going to see you there 🙂

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