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A while ago, a very special friend shared a link with me, a Ted talk by Brene Brown about vulnerability. This subject, and the findings that Brown shared, affected me quite profoundly. The things she talked about, the people she described, and the ways of thinking about living, gave shape and substance to all the rather vague, partially processed ideas I had in my head, she was able to lay these out and express them in a very clear way that totally resonated with me. Living ‘wholeheartedly’. I love that. I am IN love with that. The idea of vulnerability, and the way she links that up with creativity, also resonates with me. Remember a while ago I posted about my ‘fail’ yarns? And about my inspiration (and lack of it) and my occasional flat moments spaced out with complete insecurity? This was my vulnerability, and I particularly wanted to share those things, to show that there is nothing special about me, I dont magically make perfect yarns every time, I have the same insecurities as anyone else, and there is ‘always’ someone who makes me feel utterly inadequate and fills me with self doubt. I wanted to share that because I had/have become aware that this online world not only brings people together, it also creates a certain hype all of its own. As more and more people started following my FB page I became more aware of a degree of admiration that I did not feel like I fully deserved. I mean, I do what I love 🙂 Of course I am very happy if that inspires others, this has become one of my goals! but I am also uncomfortable with the idea that ‘I’ might be someone who could potentially make someone else feel any sense of inadequacy, and at times I have understood this can be the case. This is totally counter to my goal of, hopefully,  sharing and inspiring, as so often that feeling of inadequacy can freeze creativity. So I want to tell you that, if you ever feel any sense of ‘wow, I could never do that’ when you look at my yarns or weavings, I want you to remember that, actually, thats not the goal! The goal is that you create something all your own, and it WILL be amazing, and other people WILL look at it and love it, YOU will look at it and love it. Also I want to say that I am not sharing my work to be anything special, what I actually want to share is the excitement this work creates in me, and the creativity that excitement fosters in our hearts and hands, all of us the same.

Maybe you are wondering what has prompted this post? I do sometimes make fairly personal posts, but its not easy for me to reveal a lot about myself in such a public way.  I am also really worried that this post will come across as a bit know-it-all or patronising and that is totally not my intention, but this is a risk I am taking in the hopes that you may find something here you can relate to. What has prompted this post is the realisation that there are now over 10000 people who have clicked the ‘like’ button on my WoolWench Facebook page! In many, important ways, I want to celebrate this, as some form of connection with such a large number of people. It is a source of amazement to me that my sharing of work and thoughts on Facebook has interested so many people, and caused them to stick around. I am humbled and grateful whenever someone comments on something I post, and I try to honour this by replying and interacting with people who take the time to like and comment. However in other ways, I am very conscious of the superficiality of Facebook, that ‘10000’ is simply a ‘number’ and contains no automatic connection at any meaningful level with the people who have liked my page. I would like to grow that connection in whatever way I can! This is one of the motivations I have for making newsletters with thoughts, ideas, and tutorials as part of their themes. Its also why I blog, why I make videos to share techniques, and why I always try to answer anyone who might have a question or need help with anything. To me its all about connection. I am much MORE interested in people than in numbers!

So as I go further with my fiber journey, and continue to share, please remember that I am constantly and continually working on trying to be accessible to you, to share with you at an authentic level, to be available if you have questions, and am grateful to you for your support. This is not a race to me, its not a numbers game, its not a business model that I have consciously created. This is simply me doing stuff that I love to do, and I am more than happy to share that with you and hope that it brings something positive into your life. Also know that, I believe we are all utterly unique individuals, there is no other ‘you’ nor has there ever been or will be again. How amazing is that?! Remember this and know that your uniqueness means you are always enough and special, just as you are. There is nothing to prove and no reason to compare. Be yourself, always.

In the immortal words of Dr Seuss; ‘there is no one alive who is youer than you’.




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  1. This is a beautiful writing. Thank you so much for opening yourself to us. What a delight it has been to stumble across your site!

  2. I agreed with Dr. Seuss! You have to be proud of your self. You have given so much inspirations to many, me included, I did manage to ‘undead’ my wheel and started the journey, thank you Suzy.

  3. Well said. Thank you for sharing that. xo

  4. Oh my! Your goodness just oozes out of that post of yours. What a pleasure to read something so lovely so from the heart. I’m sitting here in Vancouver Washington and thinking how fortunate I was to have a moment to sit and read your words. Thank you. I’ve enjoyed looking at your page in Facebook and all the beautiful yarns You have created. And now I get to read the words you created. That was a very good pleasure. Hope you are having a lovely day. I am unpacking stuff in my new home. And cannot wait to get to my yarn to create a room just for me. Smile

  5. More than a tiny bit 🙂
    My mum and grandma may have taught me crochet, but my fiber love comes from you. And that is a very big part of my creating love 🙂

  6. I’m so happy for you! And I can tell you that you are actually one of the few people that I really look up to, but in a way that inspires creativity in me. It never paralyzes me, it fills me with energy. I can sometimes be paralyzed by my awe of people and I don’t like that feeling.
    With you, I admire you so much, but my interactions with you always push me to try new things. Amd looking at your yarns always makes me tingle with excitement and new ideas.
    Thank you for being you 🙂 <3

    • aw thanks Deidre, you know how much I love your work, it makes me very proud if I have sparked even a tiny bit of your inspiration to create <3

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