Its a WoolWench Giveaway

Posted by on July 16, 2014 in Events, Yarns | 117 comments

Two things! First, to my utter amazement we are nearly at the 15000 likers milestone on my Facebook page! This coincides with my imminent departure for New Zealand (where I shall remain for some indeterminate time that will surely be at least 6 months), and anΒ over abundance of yarns in my stash. These things add up to a pretty cool giveaway! I need to reduce the amount of yarn in the house and someone is going to get a bundle, some hand dyed skeins, some handspun art yarn, maybe a couple of fun cone yarns… a batt… it will be a big surprise πŸ™‚ Are you in? Leave a comment here, share it on Facebook, and on the 30th July I will randomly choose a winner! And whether thats you or not, I want to thank you for your support and interest in the things I do here and on Facebook, I love to share that little part of our combined online lives in the places where they intersect, its pretty wonderful to feel part of a global family πŸ™‚ So go on, leave a comment on this post, share away, and I will start making up a goodie bag! givaway15000


  1. Thank you for this great giveaway! I hope you enjoy yourself in New Zealand, and get lots of time to spin more yarn!

  2. Have fun in NZ, loving all your posts!

  3. Ohh! these look soo lovely! Have fun In NZ

  4. Sounds absolutely marvelous!

  5. Happy travels and Welcome back home! Drop by if you are ever in Nelson.

  6. Any chance of you coming over to Sydney to run a few classes?

  7. Hi Suzy. Have a good time on the other side of the globe. Have fun!

  8. Lovely handspun! Congrats on your page! Have a great trip:)

  9. 15k likers, that’s a wow! Congratulations!

  10. Congrats! Safe travels!

  11. You are so sweet to have a give away of your fibery goodness, yummy..Thank you for all the knowledge you share and I felt honored meeting you when you were here in the states and look forward to meeting you again : )
    Thank you Suzie and Arlene for this fantastic Journey!

  12. Love your videos

  13. Hey Wool Wench . . . can I stow away and go to NZ with you? If the answer is no . . just send yarn. πŸ™‚

    • Hehehehe.. that is a good one Deb!

  14. You’ve inspired me on so many levels. Can’t get enough of your work!

  15. Thanks for all the fibre inspiration. Come visit us on Waiheke Island when in NZ. We’ll do lunch darling!

  16. Congrats, This is awesome. Thank you! Have fun in NZ!

  17. I am sure you’ll get 15.000 responds here! Enjoy your time in New Zealand!

  18. Congrats and Kudos to you Suzy, you’ve built an amazing business from the ground up. I have enjoyed your creative good humor, remarkable creativity, and your steadfast determination. I treasure the scarf, and each yarn from you. Whoever you pick out of the lucky bucket, will be a most excited recipient. I wish you and your family well in the months to come, I hope your welcome home will be all you hope it to be. Have a safe and wonderful journey!

  19. would love to give some of your fun yarn a home!

  20. Thank you for hosting a give away! You make really gorgeous yarns! I am definitely sharing this! πŸ˜€

  21. Have a wonderful time in NZ!

  22. veel plezier in nieuw zeeland. Het is een prachtig land

  23. You make so wonderfull yarns! Have much fun in New Zealand.
    Greetings from Germany πŸ˜‰

  24. See if you can spot any of the amazing locales from Lord of the Rings whilst you’re in New Zealand! I’ve just found you due to a friend of mine (Heather, who taught me to crochet; she commented above), but I’d love to have a chance at the giveaway! Going to “like” you on FB right now!

  25. You are very generous, Suzy. Have an uneventful move and enjoy your time in New Zealand!

  26. WOW love the yarn it would be fantastic to win!!!!

  27. looks like very fine quality yarns and that must be a dream to work with.. I would love to win some to get a feel of your yarn…thanks

  28. Good luck! I know you’ll love New Zealand!

  29. oh my dear friend! have a great time! xo

  30. Have a great time! I would love to see New Zealand some day.

  31. It would be so much fun to win something so totally different than what I normally buy or make. Enjoy your time in NZ. Thanks for sharing.

  32. New Zealand sounds like such a blast, what a great opportunity. have fun de-stashing

  33. Have a fabulous time in NZ πŸ™‚

  34. And I was hoping to do one of your workshops! Have to wait a bit longer. Nice trip!

  35. You are so talented and I have learnt so much since I found you on Youtube. Suzy take care and enjoy your wonderful country. I am praying that something from your stash finds its way to Italy. Take care. x

  36. Wow, have a wonderful time in your homeland and as for the giveaway, yes please. Living as an expat in France doesn’t always allow me to participate in giveaways (too far away) but you never know, I would love love love to receive some of your creations. Thank you for sharing soooooo much of what you do, a real inspiration to likewise fibre crafters. Hats off to you

  37. I guess that after a trip to New Zealand with all their wonderful wool and enthusiastic spinners, you will come back with a potentially bigger and better stash! Go, go go!!

  38. You have passed the milestone, you have more than 15000 followers already. Congrats, and have a swell time.

  39. What Fun!

  40. Have a wonderful time in NZ.
    I,like many others, have been very inspired by you ,your work, and your ethos of sharing! I’m not surprised you have so many followers. I myself have shared your link with others in my guild.
    Thank you very much,for all you have taught me, and of course, it would be a bonus to actually touch and use some of your precious stash. So I am definitely in!

  41. Have a great time!!! NZ is a beautiful place I understand, full of inspiration. You will come back a changed person for sure. Safe trip! Dotty

  42. Love your yarn! I’m new to knitting but learning all the time. Thanks for your help.

  43. You are always sharing so much, thank you! Have a terrific trip

  44. Wow. What a great giveaway and what a wonderful trip you are planning.

  45. Awesome stuff. Someone shared and I am here. Will share too.

  46. Love your yarns Suzy; someone is going to be very lucky! Have a wonderful time in New Zealand!

  47. Great yarns! Have fun in New Zealand!

  48. I’m in! I want to thank you Suzy for always keeping our journey fresh and fun, you are full of surprises! I hope you have a great trip to New Zealand!

  49. Fun! I love watching your you tube videos

  50. Congrats on you 6 months + in NZ, don’t forget to take a lot of jerseys if you’re arriving before Spring, it’s cold this time of year!