Its a WoolWench Giveaway!

Posted by on February 24, 2016 in Events, Tutorials, weaving | 71 comments

Oh my! I am not one for numbers, quite honestly, I don’t even know how old I am most of the time, and I don’t usually look at my Facebook stats or website numbers, but today I did and imagine this, we are over 24000 likes on my Woolwench facebook page! Wheeee! When did that happen?!

I think its time to celebrate our growth and share some inspiration, so I would like to offer something special, something I have made… It is also my birthday soon too! So lets call this a double celebration!

I thought about this for a little while, and what I would like to offer is a one off thing and also something that was a first for me, and I have a tradition of always giving away the first of anything I make. This was the first scarf I designed and created using circular weaving! I made this as a weave along project on the Majacraft blog
Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.38.30

complete with tutorial videos and written instructions – they are all still there in a series on the Majacraft blog if you would like to try one of these yourself! Majacraft makes the original wooden circular weaving looms and you can find out more about how to use these with their free tutorials and pattern book at the bottom of the loom page, and for more inspiration you can also visit the Circle Weaving Facebook page . We started that group way back when we had just brought out this new ‘circle weaving thing’ with our Fiberygoodness Creative Spinning course Journey to the Golden Fleece, – which we are about to relaunch for the fourth time! (wow time flies!). Since then, circular weaving has really taken off! Lots more people are joining in on this wonderfully simple and portable weaving, its just one of those mysterious things that once you start you cant stop!

So here is the end result of the Circle Weave Along example that you can see me making through all the instruction videos! Modelled for me by my beautiful daughter 🙂 Scroll down to read how to get in the giveaway draw!

CWAL done-2 CWAL knit-4

And since this is a double celebration I will also pick  a second winner and send you your own Majacraft mini circle loom too 😉

I will ship to you anywhere in the world..

Enter with a comment below to be in the draw to win ! Please share this post and leave me a message to tell me what treats you like on your birthday! I’ll close this on (my) Sunday! GOOD LUCK! I can’t wait to see how far this scarf will travel!



  1. Congrats on being you! Waiting for your new e book! Hope I win!!

  2. Congrats and happy birthday. I spin, knit and crochet and am saving up to buy my first loom so I would love to win. The scarf is soo pretty too.

  3. Van harte gefeliciteerd! 💐
    When it is my birthday, i would love to sit down and relax, with my knitting project! And everthing else would be done😉
    Love that beautiful scarf👌

  4. Happy Birthday!
    I would kill (well, perhaps not literally) for a Woolwench Original!

    • Forgot to say what treats I like on my birthday. Just someone else to cook and clean and spoil me for the day!

  5. Congratulation!!! You are an inspiration!! Happy Birthday! Love this colorful scarf!!!! Mine is coming soon and my favorite treat is to go to my favorite restaurant and then have a walk in the wild nature.

  6. I miss you so a little piece of you would be nice. Congrats on all the followers!

  7. Wow what a number is that 24000 you are a true inspiration to all of us. Happy birthday 🎂 to you lovely lady 🎉 I for one love to spend my birthday with the people I love, good coffee ☕ and some sweet cake. And of course I shared this on my page so that even more people can get inspired ❤

  8. Wonderful! I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get lucky in the draw! 🍀

  9. I’m entering the give away! I hope you will ship to Israel if I happen to win

  10. Happiest birthday to you!!
    Also, congrats on such a huge number of followers!
    My favourite birthday treat is home made Chinese food! I make a mean ginger beef! 😉 (yes, I make my own birthday treats, I’m finicky like that!)

  11. 24 thousand likes and so many people yet to be impressed. I share pics of all your beautiful weaving and spinning, and get just a little bit jealous 😉

  12. Congratulations on your 24000 + likes! You are an inspiration!

  13. Congratulations! Love the scarf and so intrigued by circle weaving!

    Have a wonderful birthday.
    I am looking forward to your “Purple Artichoke” Scrapbox and class.

    Thank you,
    Miss Dahlia

  15. Gorgeous scarf! Everything you make is seriously just out of this world. I love it.

  16. Oh for the love of Fibery Goodness! You are amazing!!

  17. Congratulations Suzy and Happy birthday!! Hope I get to see you again soon!!

  18. Beautiful, love your work. Another February birthday, I think we’re all very creative! I hope you had a great one.

  19. Yummy little scarf! Love it!

  20. Happy Birthday Suzy! I love to go on a picnic at the beach for my birthday! beautiful scarf!

  21. Congratulations and happy birthday!

  22. Congratulations! And many wishes for your upcoming birthday to be wonderful!

  23. I am soooo happy for you! I love being surrounded by fibery goodness and loving family and friendson my birthday!

  24. It’s been a pleasure and an inspiration to follow you and use your yarns these last few years. Good to know ya! Congratulations on so much success.

  25. Wheeeee a giveaway, Congrats on your making 24k on facebook!! I so love all your videos on, saving my sheckels to purchase a Majacraft wheel. For you’re a jolly good missy!!

  26. Love the scarf! Very beautiful! Happy Birthday and congrats on the 24000! My birthday is coming up as well and I like to go somewhere warm since by the middle of March I am sick of the cold! This year, though, I will be working!

  27. Congrats and Happy Birthday, and, um, pick me!

  28. I’d like to enter. I love your stuff. I like Carrot Cake on my birthday.

  29. I was born on 1st of January , it’s a busy time of the year! So.. I thought I deserve that scarf!! See I’m straight to the point!😝😝😝.

  30. Congrats and Happy Early Birthday!!!! <3

  31. This is just awesome!! Congrats on your bday and the 24000!

  32. This scarf is awesome! I like celebrating my birthday in peace and quiet with a phone call from my family, especially my children.

  33. I loved doing this circle weave/knit along with you and get so many compliments on my scarf! Congrats on the big numbers!! 😁 My favorite treat on my birthday is to be out of town overnight, maybe fishing or exploring the beach, with no chores to do!

  34. Congrats on all the followers and super happy birthday to you! Thanks for the chance to win your amazing scarf!!!
    I like to go out to eat on my birthday. It’s lovely to get to eat amazing food and not do any dishes!

  35. I’d love to be the random winner! For me birthdays are chocolates and champagne. 🙂

  36. Thank you and happy birthday! Mine is coming up as well and it’s one of the days that I like to grab as a “do what I want day” and stretch it if I can:)

  37. Love this scarf 🙂

  38. Lovely scarf! I usually do the American cake and ice cream thing, but I liked getting doughnuts from a shop one year. I also like picking a restaurant to go to.

  39. Just found your blog! Prefer to celebrate unbirthdays instead of birthdays with gluten free cake!

  40. I love it! It’s so bright

    I like icecream on my birthday. It’s cliche. but delicious.

  41. Love the scarf Suzy, but then again I love all your work! Great colors as always! Thank you for all you do for the fiber community! Hope to see you soon again! 💜 Nancy

  42. Happy, happy birthday too you! My favorite birthday treat is angelfish cake with strawberries and cream on top.

  43. Congradulations and happy birthday ! I am taking one of your courses now. I am really enjoying it.

  44. It would make me a nice 3-1 birthday present!

  45. Awesome! Love the ability to combine different fibers in one project.

  46. Love the combination of weaving and knitting! For my birthday, my favourite treat is to not do any housework and spend the day spinning and watching videos. The occasional bit of Lindt doesn’t go astray either.

  47. I have followed you for a couple of years and am always smiling when I see a post from you 🙂 I LOVE color, texture, and all things fibery! This would be stupendous to win!!! Good luck everyone…life is a circle, <3

  48. Wow!!! 24000, that’s a lot of zeros.

    I love tea and shortbread on my birthday!

  49. That scarf is just beautiful! Congrats on the 24k+ that’s HUGE!!

  50. I remember this scarf! Awesomesauce!

    My favourite treat on my birthday is to be able to spend a little time by myself to reflect on where I’ve been, where I’m headed, and how I’m going to get there. Then I go for a run. it has become a tradition.

    Happiest of birthdays to you, Suzie!

    • Gah! I just realized that I spelled your name like Suzie Pro, which I seem to have typed a lot recently. *head desk*