Inspiration Gallery


Here you will find some Gallerys I have been putting together as a source for inspiration and ideas. One is my ‘Yarn Gallery‘, yarns I have spun and loved and would like to spin again, and/or alter or adapt the next time I spin them. I do find that I sometimes ‘forget’ what yarns I have spun! So this gallery also serves simply as a record of my spinning so that on bad brain days I can remember what I have made.

Many of my yarns are made from my own Drum Carded Spinning Batts. I love how I can paint with colours and create gently blended batts or seriously contrasty fibers, I can add in all sorts of fun textures, and of course.. lots of sparkle! Its nice to have some photos of these all together, just looking at them gets me in the mood for more carding!

Another gallery is my Colour Inspiration Gallery. It contains images I am building, mostly drawn from nature and the amazing colours we can find all around us. I especially love to find the really outrageously bright colour combinations in nature, that if we were to see them on a colour chart or out of context we would never imagine to be ‘natural’ colours, which are usually thought of as being dulled, earthy tones. I like surprises!