In Which a Departure is Made and An Unexpected Journey Begun

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What a month its turning out to be. Because of several things, including but not limited to: opening my second Etsy shop (thats a big YAY) with a slowly growing collection of my handmade accessories, a woven scarf so soft and cosy it would even keep the chill away if you suddenly found yourself at the feet of the Misty Mountains themselves,
a beautifully whispy Mohair Cowl that I hand dyed in very pleasing colours that would not (in my humble opinion) see you feeling out of place in the court of Galadriel herself,

and a lovely art yarn cowl completed with the most delightful of jewels created to match by Diedre Dreams, a legendary maker of treasures, and yes, I do believe there is a certain Dragon coveting this particular set..

And of course, there is the Gandalf the Grey cowl, because no journey can even be contemplated without him.

Bringing me to the next part of this months journey. Did you know that the new Hobbit movie is due for release soon?! Peter Jackson is Premiering it in New Zealand next month! I am so looking forward to seeing it, and in anticipation of this event I am stepping up creation energy on my LOTR yarns. I have a collection of about 7 different yarns now, from Nazgul to Hobbits, Morder to the Shire, but I still have design ideas for a few more! If you have been following my Facebook Page you might have caught some sneak peaks of individual yarns. I hope to be ready to reveal the entire collection to coincide with the Hobbit Premiere in Middle Earth (Wellington). And then, of course, I will be looking for ideas of what to do with them! Some I can replicate and sell individually of course, but I want to keep the collection together, I am thinking about making some epic kind of LOTR yarn weaving, or something… Well, the journey is only part-way to its end, so no doubt by the time we get closer I will have come up with an idea for the conclusion, and no, dont worry, I am not going to do a Peter Jackson and stretch it out to make THREE pieces, I know a good story can be told in one go 😛 Yes I am a little …. concerned… that they are making three movies out of the Hobbit, it wasnt THAT big a book huh? But we will see won’t we, hopefully they have just been especially clever rather than ponderously slow..

Now speaking of ponderously slow, we have a departure to consider in this post too. And its not a physical one, no one has left or is leaving, its more to do with a departure of focus, temporarily at least.

Yes I have taken on a new activity that is NOT in the slightest bit fiber related. I know! Right! Weird, almost unthinkable! But, if Samwise Gamgee can drop tools (well, trowels) and head off over the hills and enter the darkness of Morder with nothing but a small knife and his dedication, then dammit, so can I! Yes, I am now the leader of a brand new Beavers Scout group! Taking a small band of 5-7 year olds and boldly going where no man has been before…oh wait, wrong genre… I mean intrepidly hiking off towards far distant lands, braving unknown forests with nothing but a compass and two sticks to light a fire. And of course there is one very important piece of advice I will be sure to pass on to all young Scouts before they head off into the world, and I will leave you with it today:

‘Never laugh at live dragons’.


  1. Good luck with the kids..I also was a scout leader while in Colorado. Probably the only one whose compass work always lead the group to the ice cream shop….now really..could there be another destination? Absolutely love the LOTR yarns.

  2. What a brave person you are!! Marching off with 5-7 year olds.

    • Well I did meet them all last night and they are nice kids 🙂 I think I will be ok afterall, phew!

  3. Hahaha! Awesome post! I wish you so much luck and so much fun with your new endeavours and I’m looking forward to more great collaborations!
    And yes, I’m VERY concerned The Hobbit is strung out into 3 (!!!) films! O.o

    • they do say that they have added lots of background story stuff so… but yeah, a bit worried!

      • I was just talking with Andy over dinner, that there are quite some scenes in the book that we could imagine take much longer to show in a film than it takes to write/read them.
        And also they could show quite some things in the movie that are kind of left out of the book, like showing us how the dwarves get taken by the spider (spiders?).

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