Hobbity Feet

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Maybe you know already, I am working on a new yarn series inspired by Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. It seemed appropriate since my One Wheel campaign and the fact that my wonderful wheel is in-scripted in Elvish!  So I have already made my Mines of Moria yarn (which will be revealed when the series is complete!) and I have about another 10 planned! But today I made the prototype of my ‘Hobbity Feet’ yarn, and I really love how it turned out, very hobbity! I showed a pic on my Facebook page earlier.  I love the rich brown of the natural Polwarth and the lighter brown of the Alpaca together, they make a lovely blend that I think is really Hobbit-appropriate, rich and earthy.

When I posted this pic on Facebook, someone suggested it would make great slipper toppers! I thought that was a fantastic idea! Since this skein was just a prototype practice, I hadn’t spun enough to do that, (next time though!)  but I did want to see it knitted up into something to know if my spacing and ‘hairy’ fluff was a suitable amount to make a nice effect.

So I kinda just started knitting with the vague idea of making a cuff, since I didnt have a lot to play with, but it got longer, and as I knitted I thought it might make a nice boot trim, and then when I had finished it and was getting my boot to try it on, my son wanted the boot with it on and I thought… hang on… it would be a cool leg/foot warmer or even a dress-up! So he modelled it for me too 🙂 I will make him a second one so he will have matching feet.

It was very simple knitting, cast on, stocking stitch, being sure to pull the hobbity bits to the outside, then cast off three each end to make the point! Thats what I like about art yarns, the yarn does all the work and the knitting can be really simple 😉


  1. They would be very cool as gorilla feet for a costume, too!

  2. Lol very creative! Turned out just awesome.. and it would most definitely make for some really wild and cool slippers!

    • Thanks! And I am even thinking a little monster hat or a Gruffalo scarf to go with the feet 🙂

  3. you inspire me !

    • How many stitches to cast on to make the hand Warmers ? They are awesome.:)


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