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I just saw that the last post I made was the free recipe card with my new yarn design, I hope lots of people have tried this out and had some fun with it! Today I want to share my latest little passion with you!

For a long time I have been yearning to find the time to explore book binding. This is because (confession time) I am a total stationery geek. I love notebooks, pens, fresh sheets of paper, different kinds of surfaces, and embellishments. I have seen so many amazing and inspirational things that people have done making their own books, and about 6 months ago I bought a bookbinding book, packed with different ways to put paper together! I swore to myself that I would one day work my way through that book, one recipe at a time. Well ok, that day hasnt yet come, BUT I did manage to incorporate some book making into our latest Fiberygoodness project! I learned about Coptic binding and discovered, it wasnt as hard as I thought it would be! Yay! I did some experimenting and came up with a design for some book covers, ready to go with a neat little coptic binding. The project I wanted it for was to create a record book/journal/study book to go with the course, that could turn into quite an heirloom piece. To me that meant that the entire project should be hand crafted, not just sticking stuff into a notebook off a shelf, but really crafted, page by page into something that could become really special. I talked to my mate Andy at Majacraft and sent him my design. Well ok I sent him several.. but this one worked the best, and YES he could make these for us to go with the course!bookcover-9  So there are a couple of reasons why I am so excited about this 🙂 FIrstly, I LOVE that this will make a really special book, a bound manuscript or an adventurers journal.. It was a very very satisfying thing to make. And secondly, because I designed it to be customised, see that grid of holes in the front? That is so cool.. it can be a weaving grid, warped at any angle and even in different sections. Or it can be a stitching board to sew into like giant cross stitch, or it can be used to sew a knitted or crocheted sample or mini artwork onto, or ALL those things at once!sitebookcover-2In this photo above you can see how I warped it in two directions… and in the end I also cross stitched over the entire weaving:sitebookcover-8This was just my first weaving, I had so many ideas for ways this grid could be used, I need to make many many more book covers, or even see if Majacraft can make these as ‘ready to hang’ decorative frames of different sizes, I have more designs ready to go for the surrounds too, perhaps it would be fun to make some themes ones too! And I am loving the bamboo that Andy chose to make this from, its a rich colour that looks amazing behind the wool.  I am not sure yet what to call this, because to name it a ‘weaving grid’ seems really restricting when there are so many other ways it can also be used. If you have any ideas then do let me know! Maybe ‘Construction Grid’ is the best description for it, but it doesnt make a great catchy name does it 😀

At the moment we have these exclusive to the S3 Sketch Spin Scribe Spinning course over on Fiberygoodness. Its brand new, and I am really looking forward to seeing what people do with their book project throughout the course! In future I would like to work with Majacraft to create a range of these grids and see how many possibilities we can dream up for using them. All I can say for sure right now is that this one just got me hooked and I need to make more! GRID ALL THE THINGS!

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