Gandalf the Grey Yarn Cowl

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Just adding this photo here in a post because I just remembered to add it to my Creations Gallery ! As I may have already mentioned O-o I am working on a series of Lord of the Rings / Hobbit yarns, and this is something I made from my Gandalf the Grey prototype, its natural silver grey Gotland, carded till its really fluffy (aka Angel Batt Baby thank you Lexi Boeger and Esther Rodgers!) and spun verrrrry lossely around a core with a LOT of red Angelina, because, Gandalf likes his fireworks!

It knitted up fabulously, super bulky and incredibly light. It also washes surprisingly well, when you look at how loose the fibers are spun you kinda wonder how that can work, but this yarn is super, when you wash it, as it dries it totally just fluffs back out!

Ok so I clearly have to make at least one more skein of this to add to my LOTR collection, cos it worked 🙂

Thank you to my gorgeous daughter Ana for modelling this for me xx


  1. Awesome coil!

  2. It’s a lovely cowl, but I’m even more impressed by your lovely daughter Ana’s hair. Usually green is such a difficult colour to achieve, people only manage an anaemic orangey green. I’ve never seen such a luscious proper shade!!

    • Its great isnt it! Although the achieving of it is a long story! Lets just say the colour changes … often … although this one stayed a while! No idea whats coming next, possibly blue. Watch this space 😀

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