Fibery Colouring Book!

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A couple of years ago we brought out our Journey to the Golden Fleece Fiber Creativity course, (soon to be open for new registrations again, woot!) and along with it we created the Colouring Book featuring the cover page illustrations from each of the 7 modules plus the cover. Since then, adult colouring has become really big, I mean REALLY big. And yet.. I couldn’t find what I was really looking for, fiber art related colouring.. because I might be a little… obsessed… with all things fiber.

So I decided to bring out a second colouring book, and this time really focus on the fiber, I did some yarn drawings, a woven pattern, a spindle with magical fiber flowing.. and created an 8 page downloadable colouring book for Fiberista’s. I have also been colouring 🙂 I printed it onto a light cardboard and went for it with my pens…

colouring colouring2

I am hoping other people are going to enjoy these too! We have it in our FiberyshoppingGoodness shop page. And my plan is to bring out add on packs with new drawings every once in a while 🙂




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