Fiber Frenzy for the December Workshop

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I thought I would start a little list of the fibers I am preparing  for sharing at the December workshop! I hope to have lots of different fibers for people to try out and play with, including some more unusual ones – I have a good sized stash of the amazing 38cm (15inch) Masham locks, really hard to find these! I was so happy to spot this fleece at the Dag van De Wol. To prepare this fleece I am individually washing each lock to get the best lock formation and clean sheen 😛 Its worth it!

I also have some beautiful mohair, some will be in locks and some will be carded to make the coreless corespun I showed recently on my FB page. I will be dyeing that all before the event, so if you have any colour preferences let me know!

Further to that is some Wensleydale roving, a lovely fiber to work with, often used as locks of course, but I thought the roving is also interesting to play with since we will already have other locks too. Wensleydale in roving form has a great sheen, and allows lots of nice twist definition for spinning, so we can also look at some of the techniques to show that off well!

I will come back and edit this post when I have more fibers to add. I am still waiting on a big shipment of white Polwarth from New Zealand to arrive, I hope it gets here  in time! The previous shipment I had from this same farmer (Fine Fibre Farms NZ and if you order from Stuart tell him I sent you!) was probably the nicest raw fleece I ever bought, and its hogget fleece- young sheep, so especially fine and soft, keep your fingers crossed that the post is not delayed!


Oh and one extra – I have a little of this luxurious Alpaca fleece from Alpaca Milestones (NL) which you might love to spin as much as I did!

Am I tempting you? Go here for the brochure and sign up info 😀


  1. Oooh yum yum!

  2. Such beautiful colors!! Love the Masham.

  3. Oh man, they look absolutely gorgeous! I’m loving the alpaca!

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