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These are free ebooks for you to download and keep. I hope you find something interesting, entertaining, or just plain handy to know!

These are FREE ebooks for your enjoyment, all images and text are copyright to me (Suzy Brown aka WoolWench).  If you would like to share the book with others, please ask them to come here to download their own copy, and if you reproduce anything from it I would appreciate an acknowledgment and a link back here!


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A Tutorial for getting started using your Majacraft Circular Loom








Photographing the Yarn, with WoolWench 

I get a lot of people contacting me to tell me how much they enjoy my yarn photos. It took us a while to get the right set up and figure out what we wanted to achieve, and I thought it might be really useful for others if I share what we do.

Part one of the book is my thoughts and ideas about online selling, branding, finding your uniqueness and telling stories with pictures. I hope you find some inspiration and new ideas!

Part two is about the actual photography, lighting, and digital processing, the system that I use! Its not the only one, but it works for what I need, if you’re looking for ways to improve or change the way you take your product photo’s you might find some ideas here.

I am not a professional photographer or an expert in marketing! I did spend some years teaching Business Communications to Degree and Diploma students, and some of this crosses over of course, into online marketing. I also spent a year or so working in the pre-press department of a newspaper, that helped too. And I have spent the last couple of years learning everything I can about online marketing, running an Etsy store, and the challenges of being a person who creates stuff and then also needs to sell it!


MY FIRST BOOK‘Which Fleece?” is also here for you to download for free. It is a follow on from some papers I wrote for my Certificate in Hand Spinning from the New Zealand Creative Fibres Guild. In this book you will find some useful stuff about choosing raw fleece for spinning, an overview of spinning techniques and how they ‘fit’ with both the fleece you have chosen and the project you are planning for your spun yarn. I hope you enjoy it!