Christmas Giveaway and Newsletter!

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Time goes so fast doesn’t it?! I can’t believe we are almost at the end of 2012 already, in some ways it feels like its been just the blink of an eye, but in other ways, thinking back on the things I have done and achieved, its been an incredibly full, exciting, and interesting year! Some highlights for me have been, my One Wheel Indiegogo campaign and all the associated yarns spun to fund my Majacraft Aura, including a feature on the Majacraft blog and the amazing design Andy Poad so skillfully etched on the wheel for me, its truly the One Wheel 🙂 Another highlight of course was the weekend when I received my wheel, unboxing and assembling it during the JazzTurtle workshop at the home of the lovely Alet. That was a magic couple of days, meeting Esther Rodgers, sharing the learning experience with some amazing women, and enjoying the lovely environment so generously provided by Alet. 

The next highlight for me was taking part in the Leather and Lace secret stash challenge, dreamed up and hosted by the lovely Arlene of Spin Artiste, and Deb Lambert of Picasso’s Moon. This was a huge honour for me, it was set up by invitation, and I was so excited to see my name and yarn among those of my fiber heros such as Lexi Boeger, and Ashley Martineau, in total about 20 spinners whose work I utterly admire. This travelling yarn show is now progressing along the East coast of the US and will reach its final destination in April at the SWAY Guild Art Yarn Festival, where the yarns will be auctioned, with proceeds donated to the Farm Animal Sanctuary. Another Spin Artiste highlight for me has been the opportunity to make some guest posts for Arlene, interviewing some very talented fiberistas on this side of the planet, what an honour and a pleasure!

Other writing this year included the ‘Spinners Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocolypse’ for the Entangled Magazine, as well as a feature of one of my yarns in the ‘Fiber Lust’ section of the same edition!  I also have an article coming in the next edition of the Dutch magazine the ‘Spin en Verfkrant’ – soon to be known as ‘Vezels’ (Fibers). I am looking forward to that and will let you know when its out.

Another highlight has truly been the Find Your Inner Fiber Hero Workshop I hosted and taught right here in the WoolWench house at the beginning of the month. It was a real thrill to see people enjoying fiber, making new discoveries, helping each other, and just generally being as excited about spinning as I am!  I am thrilled to have had some lovely feedback from those attending, and not only about my carrot cake 😛

So this brings me to the Giveaway part of this post! 2012 saw not only the acquisition of a new Wheel (my preciousss) but also a new loom – my beautiful Saori loom. Since the arrival of this new member of the household, I have been starting to hoard all my favourite yarns, to covet warping yarns and silks, and to start picturing my handspuns in woven form rather than knitted. I love the way the yarns can sing in the weft, the texture and colour is all there, released across the width of the weave.

To celebrate the end of the year with you, I would like to give someone the very first weaving I made with my art yarns, I call it ‘Landscape’, and the fibers share a journey over a natural scape of textures and colours. Its big enough to be a lovely warm wrap around your shoulders, or you could use it as a wall hanging or even a table runner. It has some gorgeous Gotland locks that I had tailspun, in fact all the fibers in the weft are handspun and hand dyed, and the warp is a great quality black merino from Saori. This is a really special piece to me, and I hope you like it too! Theres only one thing you need to do – share this on your FB page and leave a comment right here, tell me what YOUR creative goals are for 2013! The draw will be made on Dec 23 and will be a random selection from the comments on this post.

Thank you for reading, I would like to wish you ALL a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful, creative, spinaliscious New Year!



  1. drool. i like you <3 😉

  2. Creative goals? Finish growing a bebe and knit stuff for him that doesn’t embarass him when he’s older. 🙂 Your woven wrap is GOOOORGEOUS!!! I’ve shared this with a bunch of places (pinterest, facebook page, friends) and am so excited to see who wins! <3

  3. Congratulations for such a wonderful year in fiber. I hope to continue to pursue fiber arts as well as teach classes to others!

  4. Hi Suzy! Congrats on a wonderful year full of excitement and new adventures! It sounds like through your new wheel, loom, and workshops, you’ve met some wonderful people and broadened your spectrum of creativity.
    My creative goals for 2013 are to continue following where my heart leads me in terms of working with flowers and writing for the blog. I’ll continue to work in my garden, try out new varieties of flowers and plants, and learn a new thing or two about making bouquets. I also hope to host a successful “National Lonely Bouquet Day” in June! Most importantly I want to let my heart guide the way in choosing where this journey takes me.
    What a great give-away, and, I promise if I win, I’ll let Deidre borrow it! 😉
    I hope your 2013 is equally exciting in terms of creative growth! 🙂

  5. I love seeing the pretty things you make with your new fun tools. 🙂 Will share in just a second…

    My creative goals… Knit or otherwise hand make more things for my third baby than the first two, work on more patterns for handspun and retrieve the ones I have already written from my dead laptop in hopes of maybe publishing a book or booklet. Get to know my 4 harness floor loom that I bought from Ashley M. I still haven’t fully warped it. For a scarf. So I need help, lol. Learn Brioche and Intarsia. Maybe finish building my bulky spinner so I can make more creative yarns. Make a quilt for our queen bed, and any others I can after that. Build up my Etsy. So basically, more than I can possibly do while pregnant/with an infant, haha. But I will do some of it!!!

  6. I’ve always wanted to learn to spin,

  7. I have been folowing you on facebook for a while are such a HUGE inspiration to me…the way you magically bring colours and fibers together leaves me awwed..I often catch myself pciking my jaw up off the floor after checking out your photos. it is amazing how connected you can feel even though we are on opposite sides of the planet 🙂 you have inspired me to create art. this passed year someone donated a drum carder to me, I purchased an old spinning wheel, and today I bought a $2000 LOOM for only $100…..I think the universe is trying to tell me something …now if only I had some sheep……

  8. I’d love to be able to do the same crafts for our new addition to the family that I did for her sister so
    – carve her name in wood
    – photo height chart
    – cross stitch

    and if I ever get time I’d like to try quilting.

    fingers crossed as I LOVE and am so proud of the work I have already done xx

  9. In 2013, I plan to finally use my grandmother’s loom and try out lots of new spinning techniques. Slightly obsessed with spinning right now…

    • I would love to have a loom that my grandma had but I was blessed with grandmothers one who could sew and the other who could knit. The sort of sweater with intricate designs and puctures. But I will get a loom and learn how to let my inner spirit soar.

    • Oups, sorry, posted twice, didn’t think the first one worked.

  10. I don’t like to set goals for the new year, however, I would love a chance to win that beautiful woven wrap of yours. In the coming year, I want to further expand my spinning knowledge and venture into the art yarn category. Up until now, I’ve been mainly a production spinner whose main focus has been what I would call more “traditional” yarns. This coming year I want to add to my knowledge by trying new techniques. I also want to continue exploring new breeds; I’ve been doing that through the latter part of this year and I find it fascinating to process my own fleeces. I want to spend more time dyeing. I want to attend my local fiber festival as a vendor for the first time. I want to learn to weave. I know it’s a big list, but I’ll get there. It’s all about the journey, not the destination 🙂
    Thank you for the opportunity to win something so incredibly special.

  11. Im trying to learn how to spin on a friends wheel.I have wanted to be able to spin for years
    Its definitely a goal for 2013.
    I am going to try my hand at painting as well, as i want to paint knitting.
    Sounds odd and time consuming but I have a hankering to do this.
    I want to make time to do some cross stitch and read more Knitting/spinning/weaving blogs

  12. My creative goals for 2013 are many and probably more than a few years worth.

    1. I have an 8 ft triangle loom shawl of hand spun yarns partially done. want to finish that and make another like it..seam them together and make a floor length poncho.
    2. get over my fear and learn to make goat milk soap
    3. get over my fear and take my serger out of its box and learn how to use it.
    4. weave a highly textured, bright colored hand dyed sweater or maybe duster for me to wear.
    5. weave my forest King Arthur cape/coat from my hand spun and hand dyed yarns
    6. weave a sweater coat from my red, blue and purple yarns I hand spun and hand dyed
    7. weave another one or two coats or capes to sell
    8. spin my 50/50 cashmere/silk 2 pds and weave 8 ft triangle shawl or maybe a double 8 ft shawl
    9. spin my 70/30 alpaca/silk 2 pds and weave 8 ft tirangle shawl or maybe a double 8 ft shawl
    10. start wet felting and make another King Arthur Cape with attached hook from some hand spun and felt material
    11. weave a scarf to match my highly textured and color sweater or coat
    12. make a sweater entirely from hairpin lace crochet
    13. learn Tunisian crochet
    14. learn broomstick crochet
    15. learn Solomon’s knot crochet
    16. build a new barn on the ranch
    17. finish this year’s build of the other new barn

    phew..tired already just looking at it. see…why I think it is several YEARS of goals???

    Melisa Morrison

    • Wow thats an impressive list, and I love how you just slipped in things like BUILD A NEW BARN (!!) among the crochet and yarnie stuff 😀

  13. Your first weaving is gorgeous!! My creative goal is simply…. To spin more. A few years ago I spun a lot, but live has been to hectic. Or maybe I just haven’t made the time to sit back and enjoy some spinning. I really want to get back into the ravelry novelty art yarn spingroup which has awesome themes and challenges.
    Another goal which isn’t really active creative, but more passive creative…. I want to learn to enjoy classical music. Operas and such. I just have no idea where to start. It’s not like pop music. I need a guide, so I am going to ask some friends to give me a workshop ” classic music for dummies”

    • ok that does it, you just gave me the idea for the theme for the first art yarns spingroep meeting at my house next month, Opera! I love your creative goals, and maybe I can jump in and share this with you:

  14. Next year, I plan to finally setup and use my grandmother’s loom. I am very inspired by your saori weaving because I love the look of handspun as yarn itself, and you can really see it in the weaving. Also, lots of spinning funky yarns. Love it!

  15. Most exciting giveaway all year!! The first saori lesson I took, my teacher told me, “there is something very special about your first saori piece.” I’m still working on mine, and think it’s amazing that you’re willing to share yours with one lucky person!!! You blow me away, I love all that you do!! Congrats on a great year.

    • Youre right Alicia! There is something special about the first piece, and in this one I also used some really cool fibers I had been hoarding too 🙂 But there is a kind of tradition that I have always held to, I am not sure if its a Maori one or where I heard it but I like it, that you should give away the first of anything you make, I think its because its special, you want to share your new discovery, also it motivates you to make more! And knowing someone else is enjoying something you make, that is always a lovely feeling 🙂

  16. Before I comment on what I want to do..let me first say..that you have really inspired me with your videos and fiber creations! I am just learning to weave on on a rigid heddle loom..and I love it!!.. Who Knew!!! I have been knitting for over 40 years..and it is my first love (along with spinning)..but let me tell ya.. weaving is quickly running a very close second! I’ve finished 2 scarves and am working on a shawl.. all in just a couple weeks! the quickness, the texture, the kind of weighless-ness of it! I have ordered a couple books and a I guess leaning more about weaving is my big fiber goal in the coming year! So…Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • welcome to the weaving bug! Once you start you cant stop 😛

  17. My creative goals for 2013 are to work very hard to fill my etsy shop even further, to learn to spin better and most of all to get out there and let my work be seen. To stop thinking my work is not good enough (I am a perfectionist at heart), to stop thinking something horrible will happen like it is falling apart because it never does and to be proud of my achievements. To keep learning, keep exploring, to keep playing because to me that is what life is about.

  18. I really really love everything you make! The spinning reminds me of my parents. My father would spin and my mother wouls knit. I’ve had so many lovely jackets of sheepswool with doghare-finish! My father isn’t creative anymore, my mother still is. And now I also make all kinds of lovelies. I don’t knit, I crochet. In 2013 I want to finish many unfinished projects and I want to learn how to crochet clothes. (Excuse my English, I’m not very used to writing in English 🙂 )

  19. My WISHES for the New Year of 2013 are many… but to narrow it down too a few well, it would be 1st.) for World Peace, 2nd.) Health & Happiness for my family and for people all over the World.
    Now, for my goals… I have bought a spinning wheel… With the love of my husband, sister and my children, I have been able to pull those funds all together for my “Christmas Present Wheel.” and she is a beauty, Stella is her name.
    Now, after all this being said… I just want to say, that since I’ve been waited for my wheel I have been visiing many sites, learning all about spining and everything that goes along with it. Meeting the most warm and helpfull people. Their willing to go out of their way just to share and answer the many questions I had on this craft. I’ve made many a new friend along the way… You and your insperations are just amazing. I love all that you share, and you make it sould as If you new us forever. If I can learn just a fraction of which you show, well this would be my dream.
    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be able to win one of your creations, which of course is beautiful!!!

  20. My 2013 fiber plan is to use up lots of my stash on hand-knit and hand-woven garments and spinspinspinspin all the luscious fibers I’ve been stashing too.
    Peace to all.

  21. Thanks for this giveaway which will make somebody (me?) very happy.
    One thing I want to explore further next year is zooming in on lace patterns, knitting them with bulky yarn to give them new dimensions. I love the effect of “vervreemding” (estrangement)this evokes. And I want to find more ways to combine textiles and ceramics.

    • Did I mention I have a coat to match the lovely hues of your weave?;-)

  22. I would love to spend more time learning about new and different wools and techniques. It’s so nice to finally get back into my cherished hobby. Your site is wonderful!

  23. I want to learn to spin and let go of my preconceived boundries I create for myself when I knit or try to create…..There is a boundry many of us have and I marvl at the talent I see in others and desireth ability to “let go”..and try new things that may seem foreign to me. My home has boxes of yarn stash and felting and as Suzy said to let the fibers to speak to me through my hands and heart…..thank you all ……

  24. I raise Icelandic sheep and I want to learn to tailspin some of their luscious locks of curls in 2013. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent with us!! Happy Holidays!

  25. That piece is GORGEOUS and you are quite generous! Oh, I hope I win, I hope, hope, hope I win! Love everything you post and wished I lived next to you! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    Yvette in Rhode Island, USA

    • PS- My creative goals include becoming a good spinner, and weaving art yarn! You inspire me!

  26. You have certainly had a very creative year! I adore the woven piece, what an amazing give away!

    My goal for 2013 is to learn how to spin art yarns! I still didn’t try my hand at that, but it’s very tempting 🙂 I am also planning on spinning yarn for a sweater, that will fit me when I am done with this huge wight loss project! The batts are carded, now I just need time to spin it!

    Have a wonderful christmas and a happy new year!

    Sharing on my private facebook page and the one connected to my blog/shop.

  27. creative goals for 2013….hmmm….i feel like i need to experiment more with texture and color. I need to branch out more and create some (or maybe just one) more product. Maybe bags….i’m not sure. i need to create at least one crazy art hat per show. these might not be big goals for some, but it’s been 11 years and i still haven’t made a bag! we will see what this year brings…i’m going to take it one day at a time. by the way…your woven shawl is so gorgeous it hurts.
    girl with a hook

  28. And what a wonderful year it was, being at the Jazzturtle workshop, seeing and being with so many wonderful woman and I was very excited when you got your wheel, it’s so gorgeous, I’m so glad I could be a part of that. Being at the the fairs and even visit the Find your inner fiber Hero workshop. Having such a great friend in you! Thank you Suzy for all that you done for me and done together. For all you done to inspire us and with your tutorials and newsletters.

    Now for the “hard” part… I never set goals for the new year… But as you require in this give away, which I dearly want to win, since I saw the Landscape shawl I’m in love with your weaving, I must give my creative goal, which is not bad eh? to have one goal, so my creative goal for 2013 is …. tada… practicing more unusual spin techniques and processing them in unusual knitted or crochet items.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year with all your loved once!

  29. Oh my! You HAVE been busy…and still making so much gorrrrrrrgeous fibery goodness. Where do you find all the time?
    My goal for 2013 is to get my little business organized, Craftwich Creations. Since I started in February of this year, it’s taken off like I never expected! I admit, I’m not very organized in the financial department, so I plan on starting fresh and new with some helpful apps and the help of friends so that 2013 will be more professional! Plus, of course, I plan on coming up with some new crochet hook deigns, plus I want to spin more myself – which means I need to do a better job scheduling myself. WHEW! That’s not even mentioning any upcoming shows for 2013 – that’s a whole other story!
    Here’s to much fun and success to everyone in the new year!!!!

  30. My goals: to explore some more types of wool, to try to weave from my yarn, and to make small or bigger pieces that can be for sale, to make some money out of my hobby.

  31. My goal for 2013 is to complete my OCA textiles module. I have been at it for over a year and I want to submit for assessment towards the degree. It has stretched me a lot but been very enjoyable, especially my current project on weaving. Good luck to everyone for the New Year and have a really good holiday. 🙂

  32. My goal for 2013 is to complete my OCA textiles module. I have already been at it for over a year and it is definitely stretching my abilities. I then want to submit my work for assessment towards the degree.

  33. For me 2013 will be the beautiful year…hoping to start my own etsy shop.
    Also going to learn spinning as well as weaving…going to start embroideried bed spread…list is big….wish me good luck for..:-)

  34. Since I started spinning I have had goals for each year. 2013 will be the year where I continue learning all the norwegian spinning words, and that is a big task for a spinner that learned by youtube and reading english text! I will also be more creative in using my handspun art yarns, and hubby got me a knitters loom for christmas (good thing I organize my gift from him myself) so that I can satisfy the urge I feel to work with a loom again after several years without a loom in the house. I cant wait to use artyarns in weaving!

    • BTW : shared on facebook, forgot to say that

  35. It’s so nice reading about everyone’s goals for the new year! I may be able to help Deidre Dreams… one of my creative goals is to get teaching, both online and in person, and one of the skills will be how to do the broomstick lace stitch! It’s so much fun!
    Other goals of mine include developing my menswear patternmaking and sewing skills, and recreating some historical fashion garments just for the fun of doing it. I want to build my confidence and my business, and let a little light into my creative life.

    All the best for Christmas and the New Year everyone! Any friend of Wool Wench is a friend of mine 🙂

    • Oooh! Yay! I’d love to learn that from you, Virginia! ♥

  36. I shared your picture and link on my Facebook page 🙂
    For 2013 I want to design more patterns and further develop my own style! I really wish to someday quit my job and do this fulltime, perhaps this year that will happen 🙂 I want to continue to grow as a person, creatively, and to inspire all the wonderful people around me.

  37. Forgot to sign: Laura Abbott– I’m HeartSong Studio

  38. I am hoping I will get well this year and be able to start my own business. The past 3 years have been hard but just when I felt like I had lost all hope a new doctor arrived in my life and for the first time in years I am able to smile again. Dreams do come true…you just have to be patient and believe in yourself.

  39. So wonderful to hear about how fulfilling your year has been!! You are so inspiring to many people, including me, it really is a super power! 🙂
    I simultaneously have no clear plans and lots and lots and lots of plans for 2013, if that makes sense.
    I still need to work a lot on more inventory for my shop (since I haven’t been able to keep it at over 90 items yet O.o)
    I want make more intricate clay pieces and perfect my face and hand sculpting skills (they are the hardest!)
    I’m still expanding my range of goodies and will just see where the wind and inspiration takes me on that level.
    Fiber related, I want to learn broomstick lace crochet/knitting, felting and I will be attending your spindle spinning workshop, yay!
    I am still thinking of starting a blog to write about all the things that wander around in my weird and opinionated head, but I don’t know if will be able to squeeze that in there O.o

    I wish you another wonderful year full of creative discoveries, meeting people and fiber addiction 😉

  40. I loved reading all your highlights of your year, and that started me thinking about my own. Last year I got a studio I have been slowly making it more useable and friendly, so my major goal for 2013 is get my electricity and water hook up as well as start on an outdoor porch area for dyeing and processing fleeces. I began spinning on a wheel this summer so I want to do more of that and make beautiful yarn as well and keep up with my needle felting and fiber art! I’m hopeful as I already have two commission sculptures for the new year!

  41. My goals for 2013 are in the first place to start an Etsy shop! I wanted it a long time but never get the guts to do it, now i am starting with it, only i have to put some great fibers, yarn and completed things in the shop. (I am a Libra, thats why it takes so long).
    And an other thing is to make a very beautiful and big fiber Art to put on the wall in our living room.
    And I also want to learn to weave. If i see all the beautiful things you make, i think, I wish i could do that with my one handspun Yarn.
    A happy and creative 2013 to everyone!

  42. I do think exploring how to spin art yarn more with my collection of top whorl drop spindles – I’m sure it can be done! Also, improving my crochet repetoire, enhancing my newly-learnt Tunisian crochet skills and carrying on spinning. I really want to spin enough Gotland to make a garment – one of my spinning group friends knitted a gorgeous little poncho with hers and I think I could make something very similar with Tunisian crochet

  43. I’m so much more confident with my support and drop spindles, but I so want to develop that same feeling with my wheel. So— more wheel spinning for 2013. I also intend to do much more hand dyeing— likely both kettle and crockpot dyeing. Then there’s a need to continue to build on my inventory of tools. I really want to pick up a blending hackle and some combs next year. High on my wish list is a set of Russian Paddle Combs. Thank you, Suzi!!!! You are a wealth of knowledge, and a valueable resource. Blessings~

  44. I plan to knit/crochet more for charity, get my wheel back out and spin some of the lucious fibers I have and start my Christmas gifts earlier (so I can attempt larger knit/crochet projects)

  45. I shared the link for this page on FB – thanks for the chance to win one of your beautiful creations!

    My goal for is to get ahead of the game with inventory and then expand my selling venues. This winter will be the time for me to get a lot of things made so I am not scrambling every week to make more before market. It’s wonderful that everything sells so well and now I can take a few months to be well armed with lots and lots of goodies when the selling season begins again.

  46. My number one goal is to get my loom dressed. I am years out of practice but now have so many yarns to use from spinning, it would be a shame not to return to weaving. Ive also returned to my Guild, and feel I need to be better skilled at several fiberarts to better utilize the Guild’s collective knowledge. Very excited about the networking Ive done via Wool Wench. You have really opened creative doors for me-thank you, have a blessed Solstice, and a Merry Christmas!

  47. Have a wonderful New Year — This year I have started spinning with a drop spindle but what I truely want to do is spin funky fun yarn so this year I will buy a wheel. I would also like a rigid loom because I don’t really have space for the other. Any way I love your site because it works in my brain. Thanks for the contest and give-away. Blissings

  48. 2013 is my year to emerge. I started knitting when I was 18 years old as something to do with a friend who was going through some really hard times & this was how she coped. I love all types of crafts but my main goal is to really start learning more about the different types of fibers…learning how to process them, dye them, spin them, etc…I recently bought a 1970’s Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel & I am so excited to learn how to spin. It will be so cool to be able to say that I processed, hand dyed & hand spun the yarn that I make my knits with. Once the holidays slow down my plan is to take a few classes on spinning & start concentrating on building inventory and perfecting my craft. Another goal of mine is to start developing a website & blog to document my 2013 progress. I am very fortunate in that I have a monthly income as a Geologist that covers my expenses and allows me the time & effort for my new passion of fiber arts. I think 2013 will be a great time for me to emerge as an artist as I see the economy turning the corner and firing back up. Good Luck everyone & I look forward to building up my fiber artist connections. Happy Holidays & I look forward to a great New Year!!!

    • Awesome your a geologist the colors of the earth you must have seen. My 10 year old grandson is fascinated with the large rock formations where the temp is pretty warm. I cannot recall the name or location but I was able to explain the need for cooling suits and oxygen…..I am blessed I am disabled but I worked mny year as a registered nurse in an operating room so I am better off then many ..plu I have a husbandof over 40 years,,,,have a great Christmas….

      • It makes me smile to hear that young kids are into the sciences still. I love Geology & yes you are right…alot of my inspiration comes from the Earth. I have TONS of beautiful pics from my travels out west & I could send them to you for your grandson to look at. I always encourage children to get a better understanding of our Earth…It is our lifeline & I love learning about the history of the Earth. I hope your grandson becomes a Geologist one day…

        • The crystals were selenite gypsum in th Cave of crystals in Mexico. Adrian loves to explore and to ask questions. He would love to see pictures of your trips . He is not sure what he wants to be yet but he has several years to decide ..he just turned a very smart 10 years old. My email is

  49. Ik heb voor 2013 heel veel creatieve ideeen, ik ga art spinnen en ik ga ermee weven en, ik krijg lammetjes en weer een hoop wol om creatief mee bezig te zijn.

  50. helemaal geweldig, zoon woolwench sjaal, ik wil hem wel dragen hoor.