Candy Cane, yum!

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Just a quick post today, to show you my new yarn for the coming season!

Candy Cane, Its my one weakness you know.

I loved spinning this one, everything about it is FUN! Reason one – I adore Christmas, especially the whole tinsel, candy cane, sugar plum fairy, sparkling lights on the tree kinda christmas. I grew up having a summer Christmas, the start of the looong summer holiday, the heady smell of the Christmas Lilies wafting through the house and mingling with the fresh pine of the tree, if we were lucky enough to have a ‘real’ tree – which is going to be a whole ‘nother post 😛

Since i moved to the Netherlands, I have learned a whole different kind of Christmas, closer to the pretty Disney image that I loved so much, because to me, in my New Zealand climate, it was totally magical – SNOW, icicles, and suddenly, well, all the fairy lights suddenly make a whole lot more sense as the country is plunged into a kind of (to me) semi darkness in which the sun never rises past its 9 oclock in the morning position before dropping away again at a surprisingly early afternoon tea time.

Reason 2 – (I didnt forget), I love plying, and there is plenty of that here!

Reason 3 – I now have an excuse to go and visit the Christmas shop to buy Candy Canes to photograph with this yarn, because without that excuse it would be ‘far to early’ to be pawing the decorations and  revelling in the sparkly stuff, right?

I will have this yarn up in my Etsy store soon as made to order, I’ll post it on my Facebook page when its there, I hope it makes you smile too! <3


  1. Wonderful it speaks Christmas is coming!

    • yes, in fact its closer than I thought! Christmas decorations starting to hit the streets in town today!

  2. I can taste the Candy Canes just by looking at your gorgeous yarn!!

    • Lets just say, I will HAVE to sample the photo props for this one 😛

  3. Squeeeee! That’s amazing!!!!!!

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