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Just in case youre looking for something to really get the adrenalin pumping, if you havent found the major sized crafting equipment created and supplied by my spin-sister Christiane and her mate Rob, then today is your lucky day! These gargantuan sized knitting needles and crochet hooks will really take you to the edge of extreme crafting, designed for the fearless by the fearless, these are truly momentous pieces of equipment. You could use these for rug making, funky wall hangings, huge cushions, or dammit, just put these up as decoration on the wall with or without knitting attached, there will be no doubt about your crafting leanings.

I have been admiring these from afar, I love all the stuff coming out of Christianes studio, hopefully next year I will be there in person to play. She also has a great blog, I particularly love her Community Thursdays and awesome internet finds. Shared inspirations, happy days, lovely people. Blessed.

Ok you can find Christiane and her gear here at Three Ravens  and shes also awesome to chat with on FB right HERE – lets give her a surprise and tell her I sent you from my blog!OMG-hooks


  1. They totally make me want to knit, too!

  2. I don’t even know what to say!! It’s beyond great to see someone in the community give such high marks and praise to what Chris and I are trying to do! Much love to you girl!!! <3

  3. I heart you with all the heart I’ve got. THANK YOU. What a compliment! <3

    • Christiane your BA needles actually make ME want to knit, and you know, me and knitting, we fell out years ago 🙂


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