Back to Basics

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What do you do when things get complicated? Me, I revert to simple. I have noticed this tendency in myself recently, and how it comes out in my fiber work, and actually quite subconsciously. Over the last couple of years I have done a lot of what I think of as ‘yarn architecture’, complex constructed yarns made with multiple plying passes and layers of techniques. These constructions fascinate me and I have enjoyed pushing myself to create new yarns and combine textures and fibers and colours and techniques in different ways. Stuff like this:


wrapntrap 6

But today, and the last few weeks, I have been yearning for spinning simple yarns, smooth and gentle and uncomplicated. I had some corriedale I had sourced from a local farmer, and it just called to me with a quiet voice asking to be spun fine, you know the sort, a tempting cloud of softness that promises to gently glide through your fingers, undemanding and easy and willing to last the distance of at least three Dr Who episodes. It was just what I needed, back to basics spinning, simple, straightfoward, back to basics and not asking me to think hard 🙂 I realised it was in direct relation to my current feeling of being over-full of tasks, responsibilities, demands from children (school holidays, yay) and general, well, life stuff. So while part of me was trying to guilt trip the other part of me into making some new and exciting multi-plyed yarns to go with an article I am meant to be writing, the other part of me just said f**kit, relax and enjoy 🙂 So I did. And it was good. I have to make a note-to-self somewhere obvious as a reminder that I actually do have permission to simply sit and spin and spin and spin and let the world go by.




  1. A perfect way to stop the stress and relax! I need to follow your example and spin, spin, spin!

  2. Sometimes we just have to feed our souls. The fact we get a lovely useful project at the end is a great bonus.

  3. The Hooks are Great! The yarn reminds me to a Smoothie Vanille icecream jummi 🙂 love your work!

  4. I really identify with what you say. Sometimes we need to simply allow ourselves just to be…and enjoy…I’ve spent my whole life trying to convince myself of this…..still trying!!!!

  5. Beautiful! I especially love those crochet hooks. I have one that a friend carved for me (she made me a phang too) and it is very precious.

  6. Both of the yarns are beautiful, it is so interesting the different levels of zen we all can get from spinning.

  7. I like your attitude on keeping things simple when needed or complex when needed. Happy spinning to you….on your own terms…. it is your enjoyment.

  8. I agree; sometimes we need to get simple again and just enjoy life!

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