Announcement! Launching the Journey for the Golden Fleece Fiber Creativity Certificate!

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Here we go!! I am very excited to tell you that Arlene of Spin Artiste and I, have been super busy  together these last months developing something totally new, an online, interactive Creativity Boost educational Course for Fiberista’s! I am very proud to announce the upcoming launch of the ‘Journey for the Golden Fleece, Fiber Creativity Certificate’! Yes you got that, there is a certificate involved! This is an 8 module, 10 month long course, its very comprehensive, with projects, spinning, self reflection, discovery, and culminating in a final piece to create. It involves the creation of at least one new yarn per module (we will have a gallery to show them off!)  plus some study and journalling time. I think its pretty epic 🙂 Here is how it all started..

Firstly I have to say I am lucky. Very very lucky. I find myself in a life in which I have been  fortunate enough to have gained some measure of the biggest gift of all, wonderful friends, people who bring inspiration, joy, creative ideas, and a willingness to share these things with me. I am grateful for this every single day. Because these wonderful people are my enablers.

I’ll tell you how this works 🙂

Once upon a time, earlier this year, I was skyping with Arlene (Spin Artiste) and now, I don’t remember what we were chatting about, but at some point, ideas started bouncing around. I love this. Ideas that ricochet back and forwards so fast that it becomes a blur of creative thought, each one feeding the next as the idea expands and grows into something wonderful. This is impossible to do alone! This utterly requires the input of at least two people, preferably two people who get excited about the same things, and are on the same page about their goals, life views, and creative direction. I have found this in Arlene, who has quickly become one of my best friends and whom I admire immensely for so many reasons 🙂

From that wild skype chat came the idea of an online course, something that anyone could take part in, that encompassed all my ideas about education being a holistic process, not only a string of techniques and skills to be learned, but an ongoing process  of discovery that is guided by the participants, that encourages individuality, self reflection, and the highest value placed on freedom of self expression. I discovered that Arlene and I found similar inspirations and shared an excitement about all the potential that can be found in combining learning about spinning with self exploration, in a way that helps people find their own voice as artists.

This has all led to the creation of our joint venture; – our own little hub where we will be sharing our offerings. The first of these is the Journey for the Golden Fleece  – Fiber Creativity Certificate – an online course that we have created as a kind of inspiration boost for fiber artists, from beginners to advanced. This is what excites me about it! Beginner spinners can find their own directions, explore their strengths, learn techniques, discover the things they will want to develop further. Advanced spinners can find new inspirations, get out of the commonly experienced ‘creative rut’ they might be in, and explore new ideas and techniques. I think it has something for everyone, because we are not bound up in singular techniques, but rather working on our own inner journeys as people, and so also as artists.

lsdwheel2 (4)

Of course, there will be plenty of techniques to be found, we are developing a pretty comprehensive resource library in all areas of spinning and fiber, and as this is going to be a 10 month course, there will be plenty of time to learn new kinds of yarns to spin! We have constructed the course so that each module contains, an overview of the concept to be explored, a ‘discovery section’ that involves some journalling and prompts to guide some self reflection. This is followed by a design phase, a creating process, and finally a reflection stage, to review what has been achieved. Each module also contains a ‘Beginners’ section as well, so no one gets left behind on our journey!

There are also going to be plenty of interaction opportunities between participants, and with Arlene and I. This is really important to me, because as you probably noticed right at the start of this post, I believe that creativity occurs best in an environment were ideas are shared and bounced around, expanded and grown, in a community. We are all over the world, and yet, with the internet, we are all in the same room.

Arlene is one of my enabler friends, because, together we are mighty. I am absolutely sure that I could never have done anything of this scope or depth if I was doing it alone. I hope that through this course, we can all become each others enablers, idea bouncers, that we can share our journeys through the Certificate Course, and come out of it with something bigger and mightier than we could have achieved on our own.

loombadgesAnother example of the way these ideas  keep getting mightier when they are shared, is how this one expanded into the development of a whole new tool! Another of my enabler friends is Andy Poad from Majacraft, and when I was there a couple of months ago, we worked together to design  a circular loom, especially for use with this course. The Journey for the Golden Fleece is based on greek mythology, a heros journey. As some of you might have seen, I have been creating these circular weavings for a few months, and had some specific ideas about how this would work well as a weaving tool. There is a reason for this loom, specific to the course work, and I won’t give the details now, but the end result is a woven ‘shield’! Because of Andy’s skill in designing and making stuff, we now have this great piece of equipment that is basically custom made for this course. Enabled again 🙂 Not only this but Majacraft is on board as a sponsor for the course, making the looms to order (and generously offering a free circle loom to the first ten people to sign up after the 1 Nov enrolment opens!) and they will be making the special Course Graduation Badges too!

Arlene and I are really hoping that you will be as excited about this course as we are, and will jump on board ready to share the journey! If we are all there enabling each other, imagine just how mighty it could become! We might even end up discovering a whole new universe! Well, maybe not, but I bet we will have fun and learn stuff on the way 😉

If you want the chance to win your Majacraft sponsored loom, be in the first ten to enrol, the website launch will happen on the 1st of November, and that is when enrolments will open. But you can still visit and sign up for the mailing list to be notified as soon as the site goes live!  Also pop over to see Arlene’s blogpost about the course too and for more information! Once the site is launched on the 1st of November you will also be able to read more details about the course content and structure. There is a cost for this Certificate Course, and we have worked out three different packages and options to suit different budgets, as well as arranged some amazing discounts for participants from our favourite Fiberista’s (think Hobbledehoy, Jazzturtle, and Three Ravens!)

I will leave you with one of the images I drew, each of the 8 modules has its own illustrated ‘shield’, and this is one of my favourites. And yes! One of our offerings will also be the colouring book of these images, in line drawing form (before I painted them) so you can also colour your own! Because colouring in rocks 🙂






  1. Hi there when will the Golden Fleece Course start. very exciting and looking for inspiration and motivation to get restarted with my spinning again. Love your work xxx

    • Hi! We have already started the first round (15 November) but if you would like to get in for the next start date in February, you can sign up for our mailing list and get notification as soon as enrolments open!

      • When is the next class going to be available?

        • Hi Marie! We are looking at the next intake being somewhere later this year, potentially around November. If you want to get on the mailing list for notifications of new courses you can sign up on the website 🙂

  2. This is just the most amazing thing I’ve heard recently. Kudos to the two of you for taking the inspiration and running with it! My creative muse has been stuck in a rut lately and this will be the perfect antidote. I can’t wait to get started!

  3. I now know what to tell my husband what I want for Christmas! 🙂

  4. I’m thrilled. Can’t wait!

  5. Excited, inspired, exhilarated and grateful for all the work your doing!!!

  6. I am so excited about this and can’t wait to sign up!!! I’m in a fiber rut and need to learn some new things, get a new eye on my work, and truly turn my passion for fiber into art level pieces!

    • Fabulous Tonya! thats exactly the kind of inspiration we are hoping to give a boost to during the course! We created some journalling tasks that come to mind which you might find particularly useful for this 🙂

  7. Definitely! 😀

  8. I so want to be in! So excited and just what I need xxxx

  9. Hi Suzy, this is absolutely a fabulous idea. I love it! I dó need a kick under my *** to start playing and thinking out of the spinning box. This will be an excellent way of helping me in the creative process. Saskia

    • Hoi Saskia! Lets say, gentle push rather than a kick 😉 But I think we are on the same wavelength here!

  10. What a fabulous idea. Love the possibility for learning and collaborating and becoming certified. Had wanted long ago to do the certification program for spinners but it was not for me. This sounds perfect. You are brilliant to come up with this idea! Thanks so much and I look forward to it.

    • Thats it exactly Leslie! We also felt that what we needed was something with a creative focus, less academic and more about how to get the best out of ourselves as spinners in a really broad way rather than focussing on the minute details of technique. So we hope there is something in this for everyone! And I really hope we can develop a nice community via our website forum too, as we work together and get to know one another through the course materials. I can’t wait to make the site live and share it 😀

  11. This is vey exciting! Looking forward to more details!

  12. I so need to take part in this! I am at a conference all weekend from the 1-3 november where I will be giving a lecture on activities and communication for elderly with alzheimers, but I will be checking my mail OFTEN to be sure to see when the site launches on november 1st!

    • Silja it would be fantastic to have you on board 🙂

  13. Ditto on the, “OMG! OMG!”

    And what I can’t believe is your [and Spin Artiste’s] post, and what I’ve been doing the last couple of days. I’ve been so inspired ever since I saw your circular weavings, that [albeit SLOWLY] I’ve been gathering materials, and I started one of my own; just today!

    I wish you and Arlene all good wishes and blessings on the fantastic journey.

    • I think it was Mark Twain who said something along the lines of ‘when its steamboat time, you steam’. Sometimes theres just something in the air 🙂 I am so thrilled that you started a circle loom weaving! I will look forward to seeing your creation!

  14. OMG! OMG! I’m practically hyperventilating!! I HAVE to learn to spin!!!

    • This would be a great course to learn to spin with Deidre 😉 We are getting a great resource library together to support students with techniques and skills, and the course is structured to help people find their inner inspirations and unique creative voices, and I think thats awesome for someone at the start of their spinning journey!


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