And the Winner Was…!

Posted by on March 15, 2013 in Events | 9 comments

This giveaway has become even more cool than I had originally anticipated, because, the winner, Lisa, who is herself not a spinner (but is a fiber lover!) very generously asked if she could gift the board to someone who spins! So of course we can do that! I am sending Lisa some special yarn, and also following her request to gift the blending board to Valorie Fischer! Which is also lovely as I know Valorie will make fantastic use of the blending board.

I am extra thrilled at being able to make TWO people happy from one giveaway!!

So this is just a quick update post to let you know who the winner(s) are, and of course to thank everyone who took the time to come and read and make such thoughtful comments about the wonderful things we all love about fiber. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments and I wish I’d had time to reply to everyone individually. I gained much motivation and inspiration from reading your thoughts.

So the Fire Goddess blending board will be winging its way to Valorie next week! The Mermaid is for sale ($170+$25 postage) and the next one up is going to be in forest greens and involve some kind of tree sprite, let me know if you want it!

So now I must finish preparing for the demonstration Esther and I are giving at the National Spinning Group AGM tomorrow! YAY! Taking my One Wheel (my beautiful elven Aura) and my Hackle and lots of fiber, because I panic that I might be away from my stash and run out of things to spin! Gah! So yes, I am probably taking too much but thats better than the alternative right?! 😛

I’ll be back soon,  you keep being awesome xoxo


  1. wow how cool is that Valorie!!!! Yippie!!

  2. NiCe!!

  3. Congrats Lisa and Valorie!

    • Thanks everyone!!! I am still in shock!

  4. That is so great!

  5. Congratulations Valorie !!!!

  6. <3

  7. Congrats Valerie!

  8. I am in tears I am so happy!!!

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