And the LOTR Custom Yarn winner isssss…

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Shall I do the big build up? The long speech before, finally, announcing the winner?! mwahahaha!!


Well no. But I would like to say this, its very very important so dont skip to the winner – really, keep reading! I want to thank each and every person who left a comment, liked, tweeted, pinned, and most vitally, shared some truly amazing ideas for LOTR yarns with me! My head is utterly abuzz with these ideas and concepts and colours, every time there was a new comment I was squeeeing in my head about it and the new yarn possibilities that each idea opened up for me, so thank you everyone for your amazing creativity and for sharing that with me, I am very grateful for your thoughts and that you took the time to write them down. I will be coming back and back to this page and working my way through each and every yarn idea! It might take me a while, but I will do it, and the Gallery will expand into a trilogy for sure 😀

And now, without further ado! I used the WordPress Plugin ‘And the Winner Is’ to make a random drawing
And The Winner is….

Olive Tripodi!!!!!!

Olive shared her idea for a Legolas yarn! I am thrilled to bits, there were several suggestions for this yarn, and I could see already that it neeeeeds to be done, because yes, as someone else already pointed out, he is just so damn good looking right?! And elven and elegant, graceful yet also very sharp and precise, this will be a challenging yarn but I am going to give it my best shot! So Olive, sometime soon you will get Legolas, in yarn form, arriving on your doorstep! Not quite the same as the Elf himself but it WILL be strokable and most certainly suitable for draping around your neck in a graceful manner.


Once again, thank you so much everyone for your time and effort, the shares and tweets, I am overwhelmed with the response to my collection and I wish I could send everyone their own LOTR yarn. For sure when I get to your suggestion on the list I will mention your name as ‘design inspired by Tolkein and yournamehere ‘.

Please also keep an eye out for my next newsletter  – I will be writing about the Legolas yarn design and development, from concept to concrete (yarn that is)!

And who knows, maybe next I might even do an X-Men series! XD




  1. I am so delighted to have won this Yarn !!!!!!! I am over the moon….I feel that Christmas has come early for me this year and I must have been a very good girl. Still doing the happy dance 🙂

  2. Oh, who wouldn’t want to wrap herself in Legolas-yarn? 😉
    Congratulations, Olive!

    • Thank you Ama ….I am sooooo happy !!!!!

  3. Concrats to you, Olive!

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