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Its Sunday today, and I am not very well with some mysterious something that is making me shaky and feeling very blah. I dont get sick very often and when I do it easily sends me into the depths of self pity. So instead of that I decided to spend some time blogging instead 🙂 I shall attempt not to wallow in misery and find something much more interesting to share!

Here is something I was working on last week and I am very pleased with the result. Remember a while back I shared my Neckwear Tutorial with you? (available now at Fiberygoodness). Since then I have been playing around with a bunch more circular loom stuff, and there is a big treat coming up! I can’t show you that yet, but I can show you something I made with a variation on the neckwear warp I shared in the tutorial.

I am very pleased with this piece, and it has a story 🙂 Fond memories. I found this amazing paper yarn with a super fine silk wrap around it at Habu in New York on our whirlwind tour of the city (of course we stopped at the most important places!). Habu was amazing. It was inside what seemed like an office building, through the doors, up the elevator onto a fairly deserted floor. A few doors along the corridor and there was Habu, fairly non-descript, until you go inside of course and discover yourself in this treasure trove of fibery goodness! Its a smallish place, but the walls are lined with shelving thats full of stunning Habu products. Habu is a Japanese brand that creates yarns that are just incredible to weave with, although knitters and crocheters also find plenty to do with these yarns too. There were rolls of stunning fabrics with such beautiful prints on the tables in the centre of the room, baskets covered the floor, overflowing with fine mohair in every colour and the shelves were neatly stacked with cones of fine silks. It was impossible to decide on just a few things. But I finally narrowed it down to a few gorgeous colours of silk and this amazing paper yarn, which just fascinates me. There were a range of colours but I chose this one because it reminded me of woven flax, something we see often in New Zealand as flax weaving is a traditional Maori art.

So I made this:


This variation on the neckwear warp in my tutorial creates a shape that I think is more necklace like, its a bit finer and the clasp has to go at the back, while on the other design it could be either front or back and could be made more collar like too.

The stones I used on this were given to me by my 6 year old son, he is so sweet, he picks up stones for me while he is at school or out, and ends up with quite substantial collections in his pockets! He presents them to me as a special gift, and I love it, I know each time he has seen a stone and pocketed it he has thought of me and wanted to bring me something home. So sweet 🙂

The coloured pieces are stainless steel silk also from Habu, and so is the warp, very fine and also shape holding. The rest is the paper yarn, and I created the textured section by tying pieces around the weft and snipping them off, the paper holds its shape and these snipped off ends made quite a feathery effect in an otherwise smooth and flat weft.

I rather like the combination of silk, paper, and stone in this piece, and I also have a strip of leather which I will find a way to incorporate too, I find this satisfying combination of materials. It’s also interesting that since taking this off the loom and putting it on the model, it has started to take its shape almost organically, setting into place and molding itself around the form.

So I think I have successfully distracted myself from feeling ill, and I am just wishing I had the energy right now to do some more weaving, I have a project waiting to go on my Majacraft Dynamic Heddle loom, so a bit bigger than this piece but also using some unusual materials.. And I have the rest of my lovely Habu silks lined up on my Saori loom waiting to be warped as well. And in between the weaving I am working on a bobbin filling mission on my Overdrive! Here is what I have started already.. only about another 2 pounds to go and the bobbin should be full 😉



  1. I wanted to get one of these looms but wasn’t sure what size you are using. The little one or the big one? I love all the things you do. It keeps me dreaming of the next great project. Thanks

    • Hi Jamie! I am using the smaller one for most of my neckwear pieces, although you can also use the big one and tie the ends off instead of weaving to the edge for a smaller piece on there too. The pattern I created for these is intended to be pretty adaptable 🙂

      • Thanks. I just ordered one and will be making wonderful stuff soon. Thanks for always sharing such great stuff. One day I will meet you in person.

  2. I love the piece. I love the memory and I Lucas stones.

  3. wow…I love the feel and shape of this piece! very wearable, and yet, so artistic! I looked at and stood and wondered what I would do with Habu…just yesterday at the Great Lakes Fiber Festival..and …put it back in the basket! duh… I just thot I didn’t want to knit something with it..and my tired brain didn’t think of weaving with it! oh my gosh.. another senior moment!! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well, there is a bacterial bug going around. I am like you when I get sick and it isn’t often, I feel like I lost my best friend “health”. You inspire me and I better never go to Habu. I have some fishnet yarn I bought years ago and have made something, undone it, remade something else, undone it…and I see a woven piece in it’s future. Fell better soon!!

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