An Abundance of Wheels and the Landelijke Spindag (Netherlands)

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TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY! Can you believe it? 230 spinners all together and all spinning at the same time!  Last weekend was the annual gathering of the Landelijke Spingroep (National Spinners Group) of the Netherlands. This group functions a bit like a guild, organising demonstrations at events, hosting information about regional spinning groups on their website, and of course, organising this national event once a year. And yep, its a biggie! Many people arrive on the Friday evening and stay till Sunday afternoon, with the main events happening on the Saturday. There are lots of pics in this post, because there was so much to see 🙂

photo 3

Patty and I arrived on the Saturday morning, after a bit of a drive through some very pretty dutch forests and villages, thatched roofs and narrow streets and much greenery. And we were right on time for the THING, yes, the THING everyone had been waiting for, the market! This was spread around various ‘rooms’ and halls of the venue, a warren-like conference center in the middle of the forest. We wandered from room to room and emerged eventually with a few scores, I got some Yak from Mandacrafts, travelled to us from the UK, and I also scored some Dutch raised Corriedale, yet to be washed and reported on but STASHED 🙂 And of course my usual market day purchase of some intense coloured bamboo silk from Woolness (a lovely couple who not only import silks from India but also produce a pretty awesome range of wool related tools made of recycled materials – check them out! )

I was scheduled to run a couple of short workshops in the afternoon, so caught a bit of spinning time first. And I was in good company! Check out my spinning bud Patty’s wheel! Yep it is, its a Golding and wow is it smoooooth. I think these wheels make a pretty good set! Patty was spinning super fine on the Golding, and it has the perfect ratios for lace weight, she was barely treadling. I was busy with some corespinning and making some sample yarns for the workshops.


There were some very old wheels, such as this 1859 model

lsd1859and we spotted this super cute little Louet, which is unfortunately no longer in production:

photo 5
The workshops were great. The day was organised with about ten workshops on offer, and the chance for people to get to a couple of workshops in the afternoon. They were quite short (one and a half hours each) so really just time for people to get a taste of the activity, great for inspiration and creative idea sharing!  My workshops were full and I was impressed (again) with the variety of wheels people arrived with, many Louets of course (being dutch and made locally) but also Majacraft, Schacht, Ashfords, and even some totally handmade/homemade as well! I would also like to thank Patty who came along to help run the workshops with me, which was utterly brilliant of her to do at short notice! Here are a few pics:

lsdwheel2 (4)

lsdwheel2 (6) lsdwheel2 (5)


After the workshops everyone was back in the main hall for some more spinning of course 🙂

There was also a Great Wheel, AND we got to see a spinning demo of it as Amanda Hannaford (UK) showed how it spins, you know, I reckon she makes this look easier than it actually is 😉

Watch the Great Wheel in action!

Of course we did some more roaming and yakking and wheel admiring too 🙂

lsdwheel2 (1) lsdwheel2 (2)

I don’t know if there are other events globally like this one, share with me here if you know of one! Its quite something  to attend a meeting of so many spinners in one place! We had an awesome weekend. Thank you to the organisers, they did a fantastic job, because you know, organising this many spinners is just like herding cats, we all have our own ideas and lets face it, some of us are real diva’s who want what they want 😉 In the event however, it was a wonderfully friendly, exciting, and stimulating weekend with a huge amount of creativity and sharing going on. Pretty damn awesome. Heel erg gezellig!



  1. I am coming to the next Spin In in October! (with Amanda and Jane and Jenny etc etc from the UK). Here in UK we are getting more and more woolly festivals and weekends of spinning (and knitting/weaving/dyeing/felting) – Woolfest was the first, then Wonderwool, Fibre EAst, Skipnorth, a new one in three weeks in Bristol – there are more that I can’t remember off the top of my head!

  2. Here in NZ we have Spin-Ins, usually organized by a local club, who then invite other clubs for a day. I have been to 1 where there were at least 60-70 spinners. There are always raffles, much tea and a staggering amount of home made baking and cakes, perhaps a small fashion show or a guest speaker, definitely a show-and-tell. And often traders with dyed sliver, silks and bags of freshly shorn fleeces.
    Most of all they are held for socializing and making people connections.
    I sure would love to be able to buy yak down or qiviut, but I don’t think the ministry of Agriculture would allow it through our strict quarantine conditions.

  3. That looks like a wonderful day! 😀

  4. The Northwest Regional Spinners Association has an annual retreat with similar numbers of spinners…we spin Thursday-Sunday in a big gymnasium, and there are workshops Friday and Saturday. It rotates where it meets, between Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

  5. On this side of the pond, every year there is SOAR–Spin Off Autumn Retreat. There are several days of classes before the Market opens for shopping. The event is held on one side of the country one year, then the other side the next year. This year it just so happens to be in my Chicago area.
    It’s toward the end of this month at Pheasant Run Golf Club in St. Charles, Illinois. I hear this is the last year for SOAR so new is brewing for next year!!

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