About WoolWench: What twirls her spindle?

About WoolWench: What twirls her spindle?



Suzy was born and bred in New Zealand, with a background in many things that ranged from farm work to academic teaching. She learned to spin over 18 years ago at the urging of her Aunt and the call of the old woolshed where the lessons were held. Since then she leapt into a move to the other side of the planet and was based in the Netherlands Europe for 12 years, where she held various art yarn and weaving workshops.

She is still travelling the world to teach but is now returned to New Zealand and a little house among the trees, where she keeps her entire fiber stash (recklessly!) in one place. From here she remains in partnership with Arlene Thayer of Spin Artiste, co-creator of FiberyGoodness.com and together they run online fiber art courses. She also designed and worked with Majacraft to create the new Circular Loom used in the Fibeygoodness flagship course, The Golden Fleece, and she had a significant part in the creation of the Overdrive head for Majacraft wheels.

She has been published in Ply and Entangled Magazines, as well as the Dutch ‘Vezel’ (Fiber) publication. She has written tutorials for Majacraft, and many for Fiberygoodness. This website, woolwench.com, is packed with free mini-tutorials, instruction videos, and ebooks.

Suzy has also joined up with Majacraft where she is currently engaged as ‘Enablement Manager’, writing blogposts, newsletters, working in partnership with Majacraft dealers, as well as continuing to participate in the development of new fiber tools and related products.

As a fiber artist, Suzy’s work is curiosity driven and experimental at all times. She coined the term ‘Yarn Architect’ to describe her interest in constructing yarns that combine both traditional and contemporary techniques. She also loves to mix up textures and fiber preparations to build multiplied and layered yarns, which she often uses in her other love, freeform weaving.

Please come and say on her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/woolwenchyarns!

Suzy can be found regularly on Facebook, and from there, and this website, she will be sharing with you her own continued adventures with yarn and fiber.

Please also visit the sister site www.FiberyGoodness.com where Suzy and partner Arlene (Spin Artiste) are co-creators of some fab online Creativity and Fiber courses! We have big bodacious FiberyGoodness plans coming too!