A New Journey Begins!

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module5shield It is probably most fitting and serendipitous and really just a nice convening of time and place, but it has certainly worked out that both my transition back to New Zealand and the opening of enrolments for the next intake of participants in the Journey for the Golden Fleece course are taking place together. I think thats very cool 🙂 So here is something about the course first, and then I will share some sunshine and blue skies from home town NZ too 🙂 fbbannerGF The course is running through our FiberyGoodness.com website (thats myself and Arlene of SpinArtiste). We both had a dream to create a fiberygoodness hub for a global community, learning, sharing, building cool stuff together… Our first and biggest offering so far is the Journey to the Golden Fleece Creativity Certificate Course. To date we have over 200 students participating in this journey, and as they are working through the 8 course modules they are creating the most amazing yarns! Take a browse through the Fiberygoodness Galleries to see the kind of incredible variations, combinations, and imaginative yarns that are being produced!


The course itself is an 8 part, ten month course, in which participants will receive 8 module workbooks, each with a theme designed to enhance creativity through reflection, experimentation, and yarn design around concepts and experiences. We have had some truly wonderful feedback from participants who are finding it a great way to get out of their current creative rut, finding new ways of doing things and new ways of looking at their spinning. Some spinners have grabbed the chance to try out new techniques and materials, others have found that the coursework has helped them really find their own unique style and given them the chance to focus on what they really love about their art. We have a wonderful facebook group that is open to everyone, lots of inspiration and sharing there!

We also have some participant only forums, and we send out weekly emails with updates, creativity prompts, module related ideas etc. Arlene and I are also available to help with techniques, ideas, and yarn troubleshooting.  We have made some very special connections with people during the course and are also enjoying the online spin sessions we are offering course participants to discuss the modules and spin together, its great to meet people face to face!

We are now looking forward to our first group graduating, the time has gone by so fast! and we are about to release the final module! Graduates of the course receive a FiberyGoodness course Certificate, along with a wonderful wooden badge, custom made for us by Majacraft. Alumni also have lifelong access to the Members area of our website, which includes the always growing Resource Library, the super fun ‘Yarn Randomizer’ tool,  and participants Forums. Enrolments will be opening very soon! (weeks not months!!) If you havent already signed up for the Fiberygoodness newsletter, hop over there now and be one of the first to get the announcement!

And in the meantime, hows about some of this amazing New Zealand sky!! From the inside of a cafe of course…. sail

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  1. Disfruta de tu viaje y felicidades por el gran trabajo que realizáis. Estoy deseando que se abra el nuevo curso y formar parte de él.

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