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The Lovely Blog award is a really cool way of acknowledging someones blog, and creating an opportunity to connect in a really cool way. Thank you so much Christiane for passing this award along! Christiane has a really awesome site – Three Ravens – and the idea is that, on reciept of the award, you make a post revealing 7 things about yourself that might not be known, and then nominate up to 15 more blogs! Easy Peasy 🙂 Christiane’s revelations confirmed for me that she really is the radical, interesting, creative, and colourful person that I thought she was, I hope my own revelations will also be interesting!

So, here are some facts about me that I seriously doubt I have ever blogged about or mentioned before:

In my early 20s, after a year performing with a Street Theatre group in my home town, I spent 6 months travelling New Zealand doing street acts, stilt walking, performing with giant marionettes (while on stilts), and ‘assistant’ to a fire-eater. That was when I first started making stuff, beginning with the marionettes, which I still create when the mood moves. During the tour I was attending a Performing Arts Festival in Christchurch, when there was a bit of a buzz during the evening festivities as a little guy named Peter Jackson arrived, word was that he was going places in film. He seemed like a nice guy 🙂

My mum is an inspiration to me, always patient, generous, an amazing yoga instructor, and only ever sees the best in people and situations. I appreciate this more and more as I get older and wiser!

If I could go back and do anything over again, it would be the holidays we had as kids when my (hippie) parents would take us for weeks on end in our VW kombi van touring around Northland NZ visiting their hippie friends; potters, artists, flower growers, wood turners. We would camp on beaches, in secluded forests, swim in waterfalls and explore nature. Once my brother and I found a Yeti footprint by a stream. Its true! And I think my Mum still has my shell collection, me and my Dad would comb the beaches for treasure, my favourites were the little coloured scallop shells and shiny Paua shells, which I still love and use in my yarn inspiration and photos. Looking back on it, it was pretty idylic, and I really could do it all again!

Another scarce known fact, I love gardens, watching BBC gardening programs, and visiting garden centers. However I seem to be utterly incapable of ‘actually’ gardening myself. I can only weed plant or hoe with company. I did however spend a couple of years working outdoors on a market garden. My favourite job was picking the chillies, and the rotten capsicum fights. Did you know rotten capsicums look like (er, should I say this?) scrotums.. and they smell bad and splatter when they hit you. It was always best to play that game on a rainy day when we had our wet weather gear on. Sneak attacks from a distance were most prized. Turns out I can aim and throw really well.

Ok number 5. Lets see. I love how my two kids are so very different from each other, not just in age (17 and 4) but also in personality, and I love it how they adore each other to bits. 😀

Another random fact. My first ‘real’ job after I left school was in a lawyers office. They werent too happy about me dyeing my hair pink and I got relegated to filing, out of sight of the clients for a while. I also rode a motorbike for a few years at that time, a trail bike, which I did occasionally go off-road on, but my favourite thing was riding out into the countryside on the hilly winding country roads, thats bliss on a bike. 😀 I soon left the lawyers office and started my outdoors working life!

I decided at some point that I was getting too old and broken for outdoor farm work, apple picking, and market gardening 😛 I started out studying Psychology at university, but changed to a double major in Education and Sociology. I started a Masters degree in Sociology (Gender Studies) but about a year into that had my first child and dumped the study in favour of being a fulltime Mummy for a while. Later I had a job fall in my lap teaching Communications on various degree programs, which I loved! But after moving to the Netherlands and of course not being fluent in Dutch at the time, I couldn’t teach Comms anymore, I changed to teaching English and also did a PostGrad Dip in Teaching Second Languages. Also loved it. Ok I just love studying in general! Thats just one of the reasons I took the Certificate in Spinning, not only to give myself a good base in the technical aspects of spinning, but also simply because I just love to study. I am always more excited about my daughters textbooks arriving for a new school year than she is too. Not everybody gets that, including her 😛

So those are odd little factoids about me 😀 Next I would love to know more about these wonderful people:

Blogs I would like to pass this award on to are, Pam Blasko http://pamsfiber.blogspot.com because she has so many amazing things to share, projects, patterns, inspiration and ideas, there is always something new.

Hobbledehoy Fibers has amazing eye candy, nice fibery chat and updates on events http://hobbledehoyfibers.blogspot.nl/

With my recent and fast growing interest in weaving, I have made a new blog discovery with MoggyandMe http://www.moggyandme.com/ who makes some stunning pieces of woven goodness!

And for eye-popping talent there is Melissa and her incredible felting work http://soulfibrestudio.blogspot.ca/

All these amazing people/artists bring so much creativity and passion into what they do, I would love to know some unusual facts about them! I am pretty certain you will love their blogs too 😀



  1. You are definitely by far, one of the most interesting people I’ve ever ‘met’ (even though we haven’t really met yet). What a great, rich life! <3

  2. This is really great. What an interesting life that has brought you to being so creative in the fiber world. You certainly deserve the Lovely Blog Award!!

  3. What a fantastic read! Love this idea…love learning more about people who lead creative and inspiring lives! Thanks for sharing!

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